30 November 2014

Failure to Launch

Well, my desired hiatus will be cancelled and shall be rescheduled on a much appropriate busy time.

I have a lot of free time on my hands that I'm quite unsettled how to spend or waste it. Unlike before, I never had this much free time. During my internship, I always find a task to do, not comfortable whiling away sitting or waiting for the time off. You could say I'm quite the workaholic, willing to go on overtime  even without extra pay (uhm, I didn't get paid at all to begin with).
...balewala pala ang pamamaalam ko sa nakaraang lathala, kung hindi ko rin naman pala ito magagawa.
Which had me thinking - this is a flaw of mine.Consider this entry as to what made Jjampong decide to leave me...or at least a part of it.

24 November 2014


...for now. Best to focus on what matters most, and prosper.

I bid you all farewell. Till we meet again, Farewell.

14 November 2014

How to Break Up?

Well, you cannot definitely ask us that.

Because we simply don't know how. *shrugs shoulders*
We actually tried for a couple of times as of this writing, I think thrice already. But we simply couldn't go through with it. That becomes a problem if both of you want the same thing - to be together. 

05 November 2014

26 October 2014

Q4 update. This one's a chatty entry.

How come kung kailan ako hindi nagsusulat, o nagpopost e saka ako humahakot ng page views?
So I had to check Jjampong's blog, usually kasi ganun - may sinulat siya kaya lang may magcheck ng blog ko. 

10 September 2014

Pensive Sadness

Life seem to have sucked itself out of me. My fears and doubts are overwhelming that I am left sprawled in misery and melancholy. The silver lining, that suppose to be a rope of hope, just seems too bleak - not a ray of sunshine or glimpse of whatever spark to hold on to for optimism.

I am on my own, and from within shall I draw my strength.

04 August 2014

Oh Lala Oh Lala

Listening to this song makes me think of you, especially the first line. The rest of the song, and the melody - Maharot lang. Haha!

Someday our long weekend, better yet our honeymoon, will be somethin like this 😄

02 August 2014

Pending Press Release, and Laundry.

Apparently, something is brewing- and  it's not as tasty as fresh coffee.

Hindi naman ako celebrity, at wala [pa! - at this point in time] akong balak magshow biz... but lately, people have been getting into my pants. Kung ano man pong suot kong underwear (o kung may suot man nga), it is between me and my partner (Yes, I do think about the undies I wear especially if we're meeting or going out 😄). Why do some people like to put their hands in other people's pockets when there's nothing to pullout from them? 

I'm good with doing the laundry, and I'm not embarrassed of that fact. But I don't wash my dirty laundry in public, under the scrutiny of obsessive passersby. Ibibilad ko sa arawan ang aking labada... hindi nga lang ngayong tag-ulan.

20 July 2014

15 July 2014


It was an hour almost midnight on the eve of the 14th, but He insisted that he see me despite the late working hours.
A surprise, indeed, for our celebration of the 15th. 
We don't really count, but he remembered we're on our 16th month.

To my sweet chinito, I'love love you always.

06 July 2014

From Test Papers, to Candidacy, to Marriage -

Cheating, in whatever context one puts it, is merely an exercise of one's weakness - the frailty of the spirit to commit, to persevere, to push through, to thread on that rugged path. True, others should not condemn the deed no matter how grieve.

Where does cheating differs - is when one admits it as to his own fault or doing; not when he attributes to somebody else's or pushed by some unforseen (or shouldn't you say NEGLECTED) circumstances.

These so-called cheaters need not be condemned, but understood - as you claim? True. But the understanding they deserve goes only as far as their cry of remorse. People who bask in its unruly glory,  are beyond forgiveness, understanding, and acceptance. Those who wear cheating as an accessory are blotched in shame. They who flaunt it as a skill, have no right to cry for fairness when put on trial. A cheater, once in full consent, has his tongue ripped off in full volition. Hence, he has no say whatsoever, no point in appeal. In short, he better shut the fuck up and take the beating like a cheating bastard that he is.

I write not out of experience, so you might say I'm naive. But I also don't go on living without reason to excuse myself of shame.

16 June 2014

Batugan Blues

Yep. I'm currently (still) unemployed. Kahit stipend or abuloy wala akong natatanggap except na lang sa monthly life support ng aking magulang. Yes, sa edad kong ito, fully dependent pa rin ako. Oh, and I haven't really earned a living as of this point of my life/career.

Mas malala pa ngayon, totally batugan ako. Kain-tulog lang ang takbo ng oras ko.
uhm, well, date with my boyfriend of course, either indoor or outdoor. Pero no out of town or major vacations muna. hm, given na walang budget.

Hmm... ano ba sasabihin ko? Well I don't really divulge much detail on my life, or even aspects of it.

18 May 2014

That Grievous Thing

The only way
to cope with something
deadly serious
is to try to treat it
a little lightly.
— A Wrinkle in Time

Jjampong does not find it amusing when I talk about it with humor. He finds it inappropriate and cruel. Will I ever make kwento about it

15 May 2014

Ten things on Us, Me, and Him

So we came across another survey, the 10-10-10 Us-Me-Him survey and we decided to answer it ourselves. Kaso hinati namin. we'll be giving 5 each.  So you'll have to check his answers too.

13 May 2014

Survey - Relationships

Took this from Jeki's blog. It'll be a first for us (team effort) to answer a questionnaire. So here goes...

09 May 2014

Kilig ni Jjampong

Posting this song just because it makes my boyfriend giddy like a school girl :P

Sana naman ako’y pakingganAt nang ikaw ay malinawanDahil nabihag mo ang aking paningin at damdaminAh sige tawa lang nang tawaAko pa ba ay nakikitaNalilimutan ko ang itsura koKapag kausap na ikawSana naman ako’y pakingganAt nang ikaw ay malinawanDahil nabihag mo ang aking paningin at damdaminOh! Chinito... Chinito...

18 April 2014

Random post#1

Just awhile ago...
Me:*gigil mode*
Me: "Ayaw mo? Buti nga ikaw pinanggigigilan ko eh!
Sige, hanap na lang ako ng iba."
Jj: "Sige subukan mo, ihampas ko sa mukha mo laptop mo!"
S&M na ba to?
Hindi ko alam bakit ang bayolente ng boyfriend ko. :|

07 April 2014

Chega de Saudade

Jj has been on a long weekend vacation, and tonight he's coming back to Manila. Sayang bukas ko pa siya makikita.
Mas se ela voltar, se ela voltar,
Que coisa linda, que coisa louca
Pois há menos peixinhos a nadar no mar
Do que os beijinhos que eu darei
Na sua boca, dentro dos meus braços
Os abraços hão de ser, milhões de abraços
Apertado assim, colado assim, calado assim
Abraços e beijinhos e carinhos sem ter fim
Que é pra acabar com este negócio de você
Viver sem mim. Não quero mais este negócio
 Sadayng sabik sa iyo :P

23 March 2014

An Open Invitation

Any of my readers open for a meetup?
Well, it would be a friendly meetup. Definitely over food, or coffee, or tea (whichever you prefer).
Pwede ring over a bucket of beers. Basta willing to meet and get to know.

No, this is not an hookup invitation or a date (so as to keep it clear).

Most likely you'll get to meet me and Jjampong as well.
(Mukhang mas marami willing makameet si Jjampong... kutob ko lang).

So, Here's an invitation. Let me know who'd be willing to go.

One just needs to throw it out there, and see how the world will conspire against, or for, the idea.

17 March 2014

Lost in Translation

"Do you love me?"

Why are you asking me this?

"I just need to know. Do you love me?"

What do you need to know?

"I just want to ask, and I just want to hear you say it."

Are you seriously asking me, or are you making a statement?
I wouldn't dare ask you that, or anyone for that matter. Why are you asking me this? 
You're basically telling me "I don't feel loved" with that question.

Have I not make you feel my love?

How could I love someone who questions my love for him?
From my end, I've given more than a could muster... yet it never suffice.
So tell me now, how could I love you, when it seems that I don't know how to love at all?

11 March 2014

Out of Service

Currently my life has taken a sudden turn. Best to focus on that for now until it's tweaked back to function.

13 February 2014

V - 01

5 February 2014

As promised, I'm going to cook dinner for us.
However I got out late from work,
then we got to meet half an hour past expected
We (well, you - since you're driving) hurried to get (us) home
It's already eight past quarter, as we entered our door
Oh, luckily my brother got the meat out to defrost
unfortunately we ran out of gas for the stove
But hooray for the electric stove, tho we only have one
Could only heat a pan at a time, hence prolonged cooking time
took on the sauce first, since it'd be longer to cook
but it was easier, with a little help from you
What I really liked about it, was you by my side
and that particular moment you hugged me from behind
and gave me a peck, one at a time
Now for the noodles, which I thought would be quick
but to our dismay, took longer than expected
a filled up pan, would take long to boil
So as to kill time, we found something else to toy ;)
Finally after two hours we finally got to sit down and eat
enjoy my recipe, as per request, your bolognese
We ate till we felt full, to the delight of our tummies
This, my dear, I give to you for Valentines
My love for you, for all times.

11 February 2014

V - 02

It's on the television; you see those red decors hanged up in the mall; your colleagues talk about their dinner plans this coming Friday.
Yes, it's Valentines day. A celebration of love, a salute to Eros, a feast exclusively for two, a milestone between couples. Well, people usually come up with grand schemes of confession of love for another; or take this opportune time to take a lover's hand and propose for marriage. 'Tis the season of aroused emotions, at their peak of passion. 

Valentines day.

Hm... oh wait, what do I have for Friday?

24 January 2014


By definition, requiring or indicating little effort,
thought or reflection
that it may be readily taken advantage of
it involves little difficulty or discomfort
not difficult to endure or undergo
free from pain annoyance and anxiety
Now if you put it into context, let's say, of love and commitment…
doesn't it get tangled up somehow? 
It's a matter of whether it is or it's not

Love is easy. 
Perhaps saying those words is not really hard at all, especially if it meant nothing.
Love is not easy.
That would explain why people end up broken-hearted.
Being with you is easy. 
Maybe we're just promiscuous.
Being with you was not easy.
Explains how quickly you left.
It's easy to end this.
It's no longer burdensome for you
It's so easy to get out and leave.
So why bother staying?

Everyone would rather keep things easy…
but how come I find it hard to keep things easy?

05 January 2014

A Stranger in a Strange Place

“Love is that condition in which the happiness of another person is essential to your own.”