16 June 2014

Batugan Blues

Yep. I'm currently (still) unemployed. Kahit stipend or abuloy wala akong natatanggap except na lang sa monthly life support ng aking magulang. Yes, sa edad kong ito, fully dependent pa rin ako. Oh, and I haven't really earned a living as of this point of my life/career.

Mas malala pa ngayon, totally batugan ako. Kain-tulog lang ang takbo ng oras ko.
uhm, well, date with my boyfriend of course, either indoor or outdoor. Pero no out of town or major vacations muna. hm, given na walang budget.

Hmm... ano ba sasabihin ko? Well I don't really divulge much detail on my life, or even aspects of it.

SO onting updates na lang (more of random thoughts to scattered brain):

  • I'm supposed to be preparing for THE NEXT BIG THING in my career... but the comforts of bed and sleep, and movie marathon (and the hassle morning commute) keeps me at home. First time ko magwaldas ng ganitong karaming oras, its overwhelming. 
  • How to best celebrate Independence day? ahehe... Never declare Independence if you're not willing to rage war and fight till the end. Ahe-he-he... (waling on thin ice here...)
  • Ang pangit na ng PR. Parang Boracay (tho I haven't been there...), the place is still inviting but it's not much of a paradise nowadays. Too much crap and clutter scattered around.
  • Hindi ko alam kung ano pa lalagay ko dito...come to look at it, wala masyado happenings sa buhay ko. Hm, wala rin masyadong patutunguhan at this rate unless I do something grand about it.
  • There are now things that scare me... things that wouldn't have scarred me 5 years ago or even 7 months ago. My existence has taken a whole new meaning, and my outlook on my path yonder has taken a different shade. "... the end of life as we know it."  -at least how I know it.
  • Hm... wala na ko masulat...
Obviously, hindi ako makwento. I don't make kwento over twitter (well, wala nga kasi akong twitter) or facebook of things that happen in my life, how significant or overwhelming these may be. I don't make myself an instant celebrity by doing my laundry in public (well, pwede din, if I'd consider being a "labandero to the stars". I'm good with doing laundry if you must know).

I prefer taking a seat and having a chat with friends over a snack - kahit sa kanto, sa may tindahan ni Aling Nena.


Mamon said...

lika dun tayo sa kanto ni Aling Nena magkwentuhan :)

Overthinker Palaboy said...

Hi Victor! Unang post to na nabasa ko na may pribadong mga bagay tungkol sayo. Haha. :))

Victor Saudad said...

Mr. Palaboy, napaisip ako at biglang nagbacktrack ng mga blog entries ko...
kung wala pa ba talaga akong naisusulat na pribado tungkol sa akin. haha!

Meron naman. usually tagged under kwento to tell, or guilty pleasure. well, i think those are private enough for public display. ;)

Jjampong said...

"How to best celebrate Independence day? ahehe... Never declare Independence if you're not willing to rage war and fight till the end. Ahe-he-he... (waling on thin ice here...)"

the thought of this still scares me... hehe :)

Overthinker Palaboy said...

Haha. Natuwa lang ako kasi hindi rin ako mahilig ngayon magkwento ng "sobrang" personal. Newbie ako sa espasyo mo. Di pako nakakaback track. Haha. Kaya eto pa lang nabasa ko na medyo may tonong personal :)

Simon said...

There are so many things that scare me now that used to not scare me months ago.. I just wonder why this happens.. hmmm

Jeki Merlin said...

"information is power. so knowing more about others while keeping your own information private is proof of your dominance over them"

- echos ng mga chismosong palaka

we grow afraid of things we were not before because we now know their value.

Mowgli said...

Dapat tinamaan ako ng title ng entry na'to "Batugan Blues" since one year na'ko technically batugan since I'm doing pro-bono work and have become fully dependent on my parents after six years of independence kaso hindi. Haha! I feel you about being overwhelmed with the amount of free time you have.

Enjoy it while it lasts. If I may make an unsolicited suggestion, try to do or learn something new while you have no commitment. It makes looking back much less painful (in case umabot ka'din ng isang taon like me). :)

Victor Saudad said...

Mowgli, well almost a year din na magiging batugan. I plan to learn driving a car soon. then learn more cooking. hmmm, workout as well, bulk up. and to spend more time with people :)

Oh and later this year hopefully makapag-apply na for work :P haha!