22 August 2013

"Nasaan si Girlfriend?"

Initally a comment to Mamon's entry, but it turned out good enough for an entry.

Ang isang tanong ay maaaring makakuha ng iba't ibang kasagutan. Depende sa pakay ng nagtatanong o sa impresyong mayroon sila sa likod ng pagtatanong.
"Bakit wala kang girlfriend?"
  1. may nahuhumaling sa yo - kesyo dalaginding, muher, cougar, or sugar puffy, sila'y sadyang nang-uusisa sa pag-asang magkaisang palad kayo. Sa tono mahuhuli, "Bakit wala kang girlfrieeeend?" - malumanay at banayad, minsan pahaba, ang pagkakabigkas sa huling pantig ng "girlfriend".
  2. marahil ikaw ay SSB (singleton since birth, o sadyang solo sa buhay), ni kakambal sa uma wala - "Bakit wala ka pa ring girlfriend?" ang mas akmang tanong (sadyang ayaw nila ipamukha sayo ang kanilang pagkainip). Kadalasang setting: Family Gathering, Pistang Bayan, High school reunion, sa mga kasalan, binyagan, at birthday party ng inaanak. 
  3. kung nagkaroon na ng girlfriend subalit matagal nang wala - katulad sa #2 ang akmang pangungusap, "Bakit wala ka pa ring girlfriend?". Kadalasan mga matagal nang kaibigan o malalapit na tao na may alam ng Dating history mo ang nagtatanong nito. 
  4. mga Sgt. Snoops - ang kanilang pagtatanong e may bahid na ng pangungutya. "Bakit wala ka ngang girlfriend?" kung matalas ang pandinig mo. May hinala sa maaaring kasagutan (nothing specific, really), subalit may gusto silang tugon na marinig; tipong mapahiyaw sila ng "Tumpak!"...or in most cases, "Confeeeermed!" sabay kampay sa kumare.
  5. meron ding kombinasyon ng #1 at #4, fish combo meal ba ga - "Bakit hindi na lang ako ang girlfriend?", may halong fishing for answers for personal gain. Kampay ulit sa kumare sabay kagat labi.
Oh, and I've been asked before with the same question when i reached my early 20's (21 to 24) - by naive girl friends, clueless boy friends, my hopeful parents, and even some of my relatives during fiestas. Quick answer to family and relatives : "Studies and career muna." To friends and potentials: "Just haven't found the right one." -not in verbatim, but same point. My answeres then were not in evasion, but of honesty. Besides, those were the years that I focused more on myself. Call it YOLO, LOVEYOURSELF, or METIME; but these were the years I rediscovered myself and put first things that matters most.

And it ain't girlfriends nor boylets.

06 August 2013

Sugar High

I think I'm diabetic.
Boyfie's been amazingly sweet. 

  • He always wakes up at 5:30 in the morning (his work is at 9AM) just to greet me a good morning and never fails to bid me a good night as well. 
  • He insists to fetch me from work for the whole two months, saying "Sinusulit lang ung free time mo"
  • and even offers to apply as my personal driver in the future, once I get my own Audi. (Yes, it has to  be an Audi :P)
  • He always remind me of things I need not reminding of but tend to forget ( laundry, lunch, meds, going to work. haha!)
  •  He always text me sweet notes every chance he gets.
  • and most of his headline status in facebook (i dunno for twitter) is mostly about...me? hehe
These simple gestures are somewhat candies of his affection. The slice of a cake he's given me was when I heard from my friends that he'd chat up with them to check on me. Like this one weekend when I was out of town with my colleagues, he tried to get in contact with one of my company through a friend asking for contact details just to make sure that I've already made the trip safely.

I don't have a sweet tooth, but he's been very sweet and I appreciate that deeply. But I've also heard from some friends that he's overly sweet. haha! Nakakaumay daw. I'm not online often so I don't get to see his FB page, or his twitter everyday. I have checked his previous entries though, and from a another person's (and the other me) perspective, nakakaumay nga. :P 

I don't wish to complain,  but I already asked him to tone it down a bit, especially his public display of affection

... only now did I realized that I'm not really the type of guy to PDA. haha!