04 August 2013


I always knew that alcohol is a downer, and having sex while drunk is just not possible. haha!
Until last night :P

(I'd like to take this moment to apologize to le boyfie. I'm sure you'll get to read this. :*)

Well, I'm not a party guy, a bar hopper, or a clubber. Whatever you call it kids these days.  To be honest, I feel too old (even though I'm only in my mid twenties) for such scene. I have to dress up, to look good the least if not cool ( ... I do have my insecurities).

For the sake of camaraderie, I went to a batch party...it's actually our batch party from work, in honor of us Interns. For our seniors, it's a good time to loosen up and chillax and to have a good time. We were served with light beers, tequila shots, and I helped myself with a "few" ( in my own terms) shots of whiskey, rhum, and I think brandy.

I was finally my old drinker self. The guy who likes shooting it hard rather than playing with the colorful cocktails. I had a few more shots while waiting for my Knight in the dusty Mazda. Brandy. Whiskey. Rhum. Alternating, shot after shot (I don't chug down by glass). 

Alas! He arrives! I got pretty drunk, decently. Kumbaga, "Tamang AMATS!". I got in, I was still conversant, in control and not a bit nauseated. "Yey!" I rejoiced subtly. "This is the drunk me, not like the last time. The last time was really...not me. This is how I get drunk."  He nodded in agreement, "I know. The same drunk when we had wine in Taumbayan."

He drove me home, all the while we were holding hands, chummy in our conversation. It really felt good. When he parked in front of the house, I don't remember bidding farewells. We kissed, like every time before I get off the car. We kissed some more. I was numbed by the booze in my system, but his lips were warm, soft, moist. His hands though holding me lightly, felt firm and wanting. Maybe it was the alcohol, altering my senses. His touch, his kisses, his scent, his warmth... they were all soothing and caressing ..even without words, I hear him calling me (or just me yearning for his call).

I want you. 

The pounding in my heart grows louder. I slyly adjusted his car seat, pushing it backward lying it supine without breaking from our heavy kisses. I was getting rough. Skillfully moving on top of him as i push him down on his driver seat. I hear my own breathing, getting heavy, as i rest my own weight on top of his lean body. I kissed him hard, with much longing and thirst.

I love you.

A pause. I took a moment to look at him in the eyes, relying on the light from a nearby street lamp. I brush his hair upwards and plunged down for a more passionate kiss. I couldn't get enough of him, of his affection, of his love...

Would you like to finish this inside?
Uhuh! I'd love to. :* 


Jjampong said...

the feeling's mutual
*I want you and I love you*

I'm breaking my comfort zone, I just want to be comfortable with whatever we do <3


Mamon said...

that's ooh. hehe. si jjampong ang bf?

Victor Saudad said...

Yes, @Mamon...Jjampong is the boyfie. :)