17 September 2013

"Galit Ka Ba?"

My mom kept silent for the next three days. We weren't seeing much of each other since I was busy and mostly at work. She doesn't join us during dinner - either she's deaf focused on the tv or locked up in her bedroom. She barely glances to my direction. In the morning I still kiss her goodbye as I leave, without a single breath.

Three days of deafening silence. I had to break it sooner or later.

I got home past dinner time but just in time for the teleseryes. She's settled in the sala, with eyes fixed on the tv. I smoothly sat myself beside her looking straight at her with my pleading beady eyes, and asked her in the most carressing tone I've ever mustered...
"Galit ka ba?"
Forgetting that she was my mother, and thinking she was throwing a simple mother's tantrum; I should have just slit my throat. As if a needle dropped on the floor with a reverberating ting that stole her attention from the tv screen. Slowly turning her head, led by her darting eyes, she finally looked at me after three days. At that moment, when our eyes met, deep in my subconscious I knew I was in for trouble.

...to be continued.