31 December 2010

New Anew

In a few hours it's gonna be a new year, and I'm considering of coming up with a new PR profile. I enjoy reading profiles in PR, even way back guys4men (G4m) days. You can say I indulge in checking out random strangers and how they put down in to words their being. Some simply make use of the slam book format, with quotes or song lyrics, or their definition of love, even their dreams and ambitions. Others prefer putting up a classified ad, searching for applicants (educational attainment not necessary); as long as you're equipped with the goods and have the means, you're hired. And there are also some who put up an obituary, reminiscing (or bitching about) a failed relationship, a good for nothing boyfie, an elegy lamenting their hearts' death.

Here's mine:
With my profile, I think it's more of a blog rather than a profile. Even with my friendster (my very first social networking site), I put down latest thoughts or whims instead of a slam book, a classified ad or an orbituary. I dunno, it might be a little of everything depends on my mood and state of mind.

Hmmm... new year's coming, and I think I need a new profile. Perhaps just some trimming. Or, to come up with a new "Giving myself a year for/to..." (this is requires a separate entry. I'll work on that soon).

or perhaps to put more stuff about What I should have said...?

Here's to a year anew! Welcome 2011!

29 December 2010

On Booze : Of Beer and Men

Lately, I've been checking out guys in PR, especially those within Sampaloc area, ask them out for a drink. So far, I've met with two: the first guy was after the Paskuhan celebration, and he even invited his straight guy cousin to join our little drinking session; and the second guy was after I got back from the province this week.

I'm actually weak on beer and hate the retching it induces, but I find beer perfect for meet ups. It's low alcohol content doesn't intoxicate me much to be out of control, but just enough to loosen up. Tamang sipa lang.

Ever since I started drinking alcoholic beverage, I prefered hard drinks. I'd shoot tequilla with ease, drink wine and champagne on special occasions, and share a traditional scotch or brandy with my relatives. I like my alcohol hard - and on some instances the same with my men, so I like taking a shot at them.

(hmm...sound slutty.tsk.)

I don't mind drinking by myself with hard drinks. But when I'm on my own with beer, I chug them down like water... completely out of moderation. An ex taught me how to enjoy beer. We'd go to ihawan's for dinner, then order a bucket of pilsens. Since he's the eloquent conversationalist (with a British accent), I discovered the joy of drinking beer. You take a sip, preferably a gulp, in between jokes, stories or commentaries. The stories get better and more interesting when you start to feel the booze and loosen up more to the topics (then of course one might get a little extra touchy, which is completely fine if you're up for a little action).

I think that's why I invite guys for a round of booze. I'd like them to loosen up ( not with their clothings) a bit with me. You get to know more about them, and you get straight answers out of their closets.

I must say, I prefer talking about life, whether it's personal or in general. Politics doesn't do me well.

28 December 2010

I'd never thought you'd notice.

I just got home from my weekend... a Christmas gathering in the province, to a meet up with two strangers on separate occasions. and I went online at once. Of course to check on Mr.A, for I haven't heard from him in awhile... not a single text, since he made it clear to me he's not fond of the holidays.

So I checked first his straight blog, then went to his closet blog (his gay blog). pretty interesting latest entry... anonymous shoutouts to certain hey you's. To be honest, I don't know if i'm the other hey you (since i do have a clue who's the first guy). As much as i'd like to think it's me, my guts tell me not to claim it for myself.

24 December 2010

purged my phone inbox

Apparently I've kept most of your messages. from the most random and senseless texts, to the most endearing ones.

you replied to all of my messages, even if it took you days. you always do reply. you are one sweet "baby" even though you keep denying it.adorable, though you try to be grumpy. you greet me "good mornings" that truly brightens up my day. don't tell you're not sweet like that?

those simple stuff... got me to..
- well,...

like you.

and keeping your messages,seeing your name one after the other in my inbox - gives me a reason to check my phone even when most of the days i receive not a single call nor text. It puts a smile on my face when I say your name and how cute it sounds even though you like adding an extra consonant to it to make it sound not unusual.

there was a time when i can't get to talk to you. 'cause everytime i call, you were busy or unavailable. you blamed it on my poor timing. then a week after, i'd see your name in my missed call list in between classes.you were off timing.

poor timing. those two words are just overwhelming with hope, and it's giving me this churning feeling in my gut.



i can't finish this post anymore. one, i'm getting nauseous. two, i'm out in the chilly weather, and bugs are feasting on my blood now. three... i'm not really sure how to end this entry, and what to say as an ending.
I guess i don't want to end it yet.I'll have to wait this out a little longer.
[saved December 23, 2010, 23:36 ET]

What I should have said...last night in my other blog.