27 August 2012

The Future is Bleak


Of career, romance and life itself.
Tomorrow bears no sun, but of dark hovering clouds
No light peeks through, as the nimbus is thick of gloom
I am in thirst of life, love and hope
Not a drizzle, nor even a drop, 
The Future is bleak
What more can sustain me, if not nourish me?
How long can I last, if this can't be surpassed?
Tomorrow bears no sun, but of darkness and uncertainty
The Future is bleak, and I am but weak.

08 August 2012

Movie Marathon of You

I've been stranded for 2 days now, with nothing but food and my laptop in bed. What could be better than a movie marathon in this downpour?

No Strings Attached
Something Borrowed

In the middle of each film, I think of you. Ashton Kutcher,Chris O'Dowd, John Krasinski. You're that sensible tall guy with a good heart, whom everyone hopes to end up with.

And by the end of the movie, with my phone in hand, I've already keyed in your name. A text saying "How are you?" or "I've been wondering when would you like to hang out again?", even something as profound as "I like you, always have...". But of course, the better of me took hold of the situation and simply left the messages unsent, deleted.

You and I are good friends, and I know how much you like to keep it that way. Don't get me wrong, I like where our friendship stands. But I can't deny the feeling inside me of seeing you more than a mere chum. There's that charm within you that, well unfortunately for me, set a spark in me. It's not because of the movies; the feeling has been with me for quite awhile now, but you constantly reminding me of how much of good friends we are have kept it at bay. Friend zone as commonly known.

I am completely fine with everything. This is not an expression of unrequited affection. I like you, that will hold true. But I also like our friendship - beyond my own selfish feelings.This is not some form of ode of hope, or of longing, nor over loss or defeat. I'm somewhere in between hoping and giving up - I don't exactly know. All I'm sure is that I'm here, the friend that you've met, wanted, and needed..