26 November 2011

We ought to have some coffee.

Instead of grabbing a couple of cups at a fancy caf√©, I'd rather we make our own coffee. :)

So what say you

12 November 2011


Everybody seem to crave for *
To have some piece of *

A little of your *
Undivided *

* takes a great deal of our interest

* and dedication

* makes you come back
For more *

07 November 2011

Letters to Self

Last night, I was de-cluttering my laptop and found the very first documents I've stuffed in a folder. Letters, more like "Dear diary". I got this laptop a few days after M and I broke up, so most of those documents were about him.

Reading those letters again gave me some enlightenment, I suppose. I do believe we all need to look back once in awhile to see how far we've gone.

I'll be posting some of the letters as a series, with a little editing, since I've written highly personal impertinent stuff