20 July 2014

15 July 2014


It was an hour almost midnight on the eve of the 14th, but He insisted that he see me despite the late working hours.
A surprise, indeed, for our celebration of the 15th. 
We don't really count, but he remembered we're on our 16th month.

To my sweet chinito, I'love love you always.

06 July 2014

From Test Papers, to Candidacy, to Marriage -

Cheating, in whatever context one puts it, is merely an exercise of one's weakness - the frailty of the spirit to commit, to persevere, to push through, to thread on that rugged path. True, others should not condemn the deed no matter how grieve.

Where does cheating differs - is when one admits it as to his own fault or doing; not when he attributes to somebody else's or pushed by some unforseen (or shouldn't you say NEGLECTED) circumstances.

These so-called cheaters need not be condemned, but understood - as you claim? True. But the understanding they deserve goes only as far as their cry of remorse. People who bask in its unruly glory,  are beyond forgiveness, understanding, and acceptance. Those who wear cheating as an accessory are blotched in shame. They who flaunt it as a skill, have no right to cry for fairness when put on trial. A cheater, once in full consent, has his tongue ripped off in full volition. Hence, he has no say whatsoever, no point in appeal. In short, he better shut the fuck up and take the beating like a cheating bastard that he is.

I write not out of experience, so you might say I'm naive. But I also don't go on living without reason to excuse myself of shame.