31 July 2011

'nuf F-U-N

Lately, I've been having a lot of fun. These past couple of weeks I've been hanging out more often than I ever had in college. I've gone to a club and do nothing but throw my hands in the air and undulate with the crowd (tho I found it such a boring scene. People don't actually dance on the dance floor, hmm). I've spent a little extra from my limited finances on food and dining, and entertainment. I have let myself to be the lakwatsero that I have denied myself from in the past.

Oo, masaya. Party dito, party doon.

But I think that's enough fun for now. There are matters at hand that are in dire need of attention and concentration. Right now, an unfortunate twist of fate is putting me on a rough patch these coming weeks. I'm not quite sure how I'm going to make through it... *sighs*. I'll just have to play the cards at hand, and be careful enough not to make any haste move. Also, I ought to stay away from any form of distraction - that includes all sorts of party, booze, and even boys (...as if meron?).

SWEET BEJEESUS! A roller-coaster ride... I'm really going to be sad and lonely these following days. Add that to the stress from all the work, the frustration with all the problems, and anxiety brought by the worries. Depression is inevitable. Hopefully I make it through. 
I'm going to be yearning for some form of comfort by the middle of the week. *sigh*

24 July 2011

Weekend 2011 0722-0723

Oh yes, I did have a great weekend... ate as much as I could!

I would like to take this opportunity to address the comments from the previous post. Yes guys kumain ako nitong weekend ng pasta.Sad to say, hindi ako natuwa sa mga nakain kong pasta :( Alfredo and Charlie, though a tag team, didn't really stand up to the challenge on Friday eve. On Saturday lunch, a macaroni salad made me wanna puke (kaso fine dining, nakakhiya naman kung gawin ko nga). But not to worry, I had a lot other than pasta. Salmon belly, lamb chops, maki and sushi of different sorts, kebabs, oysters,... in short buffet. AND IT WAS PURE AWESOME OF GASTRONOMIC PROPORTIONS!

I don't really see myself as a foodie, I simply enjoy food. I really take my time when I eat, and I don't mind if I'm the last guy on the table. Food basically has my heart for now. Oh, and also wine! haha! I had a good time on Friday midnight with a friend over a bottle of wine. Now I'm sticking with wine when it comes to drinking the night away (a kwento to tell, hehe).

Scrumptious meals, fine wine, hearty conversations, good times with friends...ang sarap ng buhay! 

22 July 2011


I wish to enjoy this weekend. Definitely, kakain ako! haha! Wala muna shopping, sa pagkain ko na muna ilalaan ang moolah :D

Pasta ang kinasasabikan ko all this time! Tsaka sushi! YUM!!!

They say that our food cravings actually correspond to a particular mood. Like for example, pasta. Sex daw ang tunay na ibig sabihin nyan. Well, kung iisipin, pwede. Carbs in general is craved by people with huge appetite, those who require immediate source of energy. These people are also observed to be engaged in activities that require more of endurance rather than strength.

You can google it yourself, just key in "food cravings mood" and find yourself a good read. Medyo tinatamad ako magsulat. Also, I need to prepare now - going out for dinner with friends. Ciao!

18 July 2011

"Ipagdasal kita... sa lovelife...."

Unang beses ko atang nasabihan ng ganyan, o unang pagkakataon ko lang nabigyang pansin ang mga katagang yan. Ang nasambit ko na lang,
Huwag na! Hindi ko kailangan nyan ngayon! PAGKAIN ANG GUSTO KO! Pagdasal mo na tumaba pa ko!
At nung mga sandaling iyon, naramdaman ko ang katotohanan sa mga salitang, tila kendi, iniluwa ko lang. Nakakauya rin pala ang ideya ng lovelife, lalo na sa puntong ito ng buhay ko. Lovelife? Masusuya lang ako kesa sa mabusog. Masusustansyang pagkain ang kailangan ko at hindi hamak na junk food. Higit pa sa tamis ang hanap ko -  linamnam sa bawat kagat ang tunay kong inaasam.

O sadyang gutom lang ako?

16 July 2011

Stream 2011-07-16

a text
an invite
a set place
by the station
agreed, settled
we meet
a short walk
up a motel
down on bed
3 hours in all
we leave
parted ways
past 11
it's late
beyond curfew
a long walk back
in the dark
along the streets
unfamiliar faces
strange crowd
alien passing
dim lights
creeping shadows
unforeseen alleys
haunting thoughts
can't disregard
how could I?
can't deny
Is it that bad?
i am in longing...
that much.

10 July 2011

I feel like going shopping...

This time, seryosong shopping. As in mamimili ako sa mall. yung last post ko kasi di tungkol sa shopping talaga yun...pero dahil na rin sa mga response na nakuha e naeengganyo akong magshopping.

Gusto ko sana makabili ng isang set ng damit, mula top hanggang footwear. One complete get up. Something fancy perhaps, or the usual get up. I'm open to try out a new look as well.

hmm... i think i need a shopping buddy, or fashion adviser.:D

05 July 2011

On Staying Super:: Tingin tingin lang muna.

It's like when going to the mall, and you don't really know what to get, you opt to window shop. Breezing through one store after the other, checking one shelf over another. Simply inspection. I don't really mind at all, I take time whenever I go window shopping; no haste and worry.

What's  frustrating about window shopping, though, is when the whole mall is on clearance sale and you didn't bring enough moolah