24 July 2011

Weekend 2011 0722-0723

Oh yes, I did have a great weekend... ate as much as I could!

I would like to take this opportunity to address the comments from the previous post. Yes guys kumain ako nitong weekend ng pasta.Sad to say, hindi ako natuwa sa mga nakain kong pasta :( Alfredo and Charlie, though a tag team, didn't really stand up to the challenge on Friday eve. On Saturday lunch, a macaroni salad made me wanna puke (kaso fine dining, nakakhiya naman kung gawin ko nga). But not to worry, I had a lot other than pasta. Salmon belly, lamb chops, maki and sushi of different sorts, kebabs, oysters,... in short buffet. AND IT WAS PURE AWESOME OF GASTRONOMIC PROPORTIONS!

I don't really see myself as a foodie, I simply enjoy food. I really take my time when I eat, and I don't mind if I'm the last guy on the table. Food basically has my heart for now. Oh, and also wine! haha! I had a good time on Friday midnight with a friend over a bottle of wine. Now I'm sticking with wine when it comes to drinking the night away (a kwento to tell, hehe).

Scrumptious meals, fine wine, hearty conversations, good times with friends...ang sarap ng buhay! 

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the green breaker said...

good for you, Viktor. :)