16 July 2011

Stream 2011-07-16

a text
an invite
a set place
by the station
agreed, settled
we meet
a short walk
up a motel
down on bed
3 hours in all
we leave
parted ways
past 11
it's late
beyond curfew
a long walk back
in the dark
along the streets
unfamiliar faces
strange crowd
alien passing
dim lights
creeping shadows
unforeseen alleys
haunting thoughts
can't disregard
how could I?
can't deny
Is it that bad?
i am in longing...
that much.


odin hood said...

all too familiar. im sure a lot could relate and understand this feeling.

Viktor Saudad said...

it's a compulsion. completely unnecessary.
in the end, it was just a confirmation that I really enjoy doing stuff.