13 May 2013

Quality Time

Taking advantage of the holiday, we spent the night together. At past midnight, he picked me up from work and we checked ourselves in for 12 hours of high quality time. 

He always remind me I'm the type who's hard to please (mataas daw standards ko and expectations). But with him, I'm completely in contentment. He's my happiness, in its pure essence - my joy. He gives me pleasure in so many levels (and yes, I mean in sooo many levels, and positions. haha!)

Though we started a little rough, one may even call it booty calls, things turned out unexpectedly. For one, he's never dated a guy before. Second he didn't think he'd engage in a homosexual relationship; he's not even  turned on by just any stud. But each moment we spent together, summates our existence, and forges a bond. Eventually, he grows in to you, and you in him. Multiply that by how much time you spend together, who could blame you for falling for each other. And that we did.

(Malanding hagikgik lang to lite things up.)

By the way, I've taken a mile step in my life. I told my mom about me and Jjampong - kung paano ko ginawa, at ano kinahinatnan, kwento ko na lang sa next post. We're already checking out of the hotel. hehe...tama na overtime. :P