03 April 2017


I went to Baguio over the weekend and boy, it was like a time warp.

Well. At least I got to be back in Baguio, this time with family. It was just a mere overnight trip for me since I have work today. Oh, and I must commend the cutie Uber driver, Bryan, who picked me up last night from Cubao terminal. I really had a pleasant ride chatting with him, although he's straight. Also for the Uber driver I got this morning, Uber Glenn, we chatted the whole trip to work., and as it turn out he's a Baguio person, so he had a lot of insights about Baguio. He's straight too... but the way he looks straight to my eyes makes me want to think otherwise. :P


I'd like to take on Baguio once again. As suggested by Uber Glenn, I should try backpacking Banawe - Sagada - Baguio, then if I still can, finish the leg with La Union for a surf.

Well, it's a very tempting proposition. I shall work on an itinerary on that. A personal project for this summer. :)