29 April 2012

Giving In

It all starts with a light tap
of a finger or two
or the back of your hand
Then it softly slides - a caress
Add in ample pressure
You pronate, your palm in touch
Spreading your fingers
slightly flexing
grabbing quite a handful
Your nails, they bore
tender, one way or the other
It sinks in, drawing me closer

06 April 2012

Formal Disclosures

My idea of "coming out" is not something like holding a presscon. Hindi naman ako showbiz na tao. Among my family and relatives, I'm quite a wall flower (or not!), plus I don't think it wouldn't be much of a surprise kung mag-out man ako. But I think they'd be surprised na may mapapakilala akong guy sa kanila - something unexpected.

That's my idea of coming out, is by introducing my man to the family. My parents are quite conservative, though they are aware to homosexuality, I'm just not sure if they're open to having a gay son. My cousins, well I hear how they speak of gay men, how they make fun of them. I couldn't really care more about that, I mean, I'm not intimidated by them.

I do see myself coming out to the family. I mean to, and I'd like to. I want to introduce to them the man I (shall) choose to be with. I want them to get to know him, be chummy with him, because in that way they'll get to know me too and it will make us closer.

So what would be the indications for coming out? or At least, who'd be my ideal guy to come out with?