28 June 2012

Life Goes On

Everybody seems to be out and about, busy with their own lives - dealing with their own troubles, enjoying their simple joys, or even dwelling in their own sorrows. But I'm not sure about mine. I feel so incompetent...close enough to impotent. I doubt if I'm feeling anything at all. Is pathetic a feeling, just so I can say "I feel pathetic"?

Will someone take me out for at least a glass of wine? or kahit bote ng beer kung di afford. I'd appreciate any ounce of social "charity".

(sound desperate enough?)

20 June 2012

There's the word, and there's the meaning. Then there's the context.

I'm no expert with the language, I do commit grammatical errors. But I do find something wrong with how he utilized the word "palpable", hence the initiating query. To be objective, here's a brief background on the twat. (Kindly disregard the "online status". I'm not seriously looking for any.)

If you've noticed, I did check a dictionary. So, here's how our short conversation went:

oh and if you do have access to PR you'd get to see his current headline,which read as follows:

am i just lonely or am i just naturally horny? hahaha 

I didn't really understand what just happened.