23 March 2014

An Open Invitation

Any of my readers open for a meetup?
Well, it would be a friendly meetup. Definitely over food, or coffee, or tea (whichever you prefer).
Pwede ring over a bucket of beers. Basta willing to meet and get to know.

No, this is not an hookup invitation or a date (so as to keep it clear).

Most likely you'll get to meet me and Jjampong as well.
(Mukhang mas marami willing makameet si Jjampong... kutob ko lang).

So, Here's an invitation. Let me know who'd be willing to go.

One just needs to throw it out there, and see how the world will conspire against, or for, the idea.

17 March 2014

Lost in Translation

"Do you love me?"

Why are you asking me this?

"I just need to know. Do you love me?"

What do you need to know?

"I just want to ask, and I just want to hear you say it."

Are you seriously asking me, or are you making a statement?
I wouldn't dare ask you that, or anyone for that matter. Why are you asking me this? 
You're basically telling me "I don't feel loved" with that question.

Have I not make you feel my love?

How could I love someone who questions my love for him?
From my end, I've given more than a could muster... yet it never suffice.
So tell me now, how could I love you, when it seems that I don't know how to love at all?

11 March 2014

Out of Service

Currently my life has taken a sudden turn. Best to focus on that for now until it's tweaked back to function.