30 November 2014

Failure to Launch

Well, my desired hiatus will be cancelled and shall be rescheduled on a much appropriate busy time.

I have a lot of free time on my hands that I'm quite unsettled how to spend or waste it. Unlike before, I never had this much free time. During my internship, I always find a task to do, not comfortable whiling away sitting or waiting for the time off. You could say I'm quite the workaholic, willing to go on overtime  even without extra pay (uhm, I didn't get paid at all to begin with).
...balewala pala ang pamamaalam ko sa nakaraang lathala, kung hindi ko rin naman pala ito magagawa.
Which had me thinking - this is a flaw of mine.Consider this entry as to what made Jjampong decide to leave me...or at least a part of it.

24 November 2014


...for now. Best to focus on what matters most, and prosper.

I bid you all farewell. Till we meet again, Farewell.

14 November 2014

How to Break Up?

Well, you cannot definitely ask us that.

Because we simply don't know how. *shrugs shoulders*
We actually tried for a couple of times as of this writing, I think thrice already. But we simply couldn't go through with it. That becomes a problem if both of you want the same thing - to be together. 

05 November 2014