19 October 2011

October 19, 2009

A dinner for two, of pastas and Italian cuisine. It's not simply for the love of pastas, but also because you were a vegetarian. Challenging kang ka-date kasi di ka mahatak sa mga burger shops at steak house. Konsensya ko pa na french fries lang kakainin mo sa Mcdo. Plus, it had to be somewhere fancy... it's a celebration of our 2nd month of being together.

Cubao X was the place... it was a quiet evening. We only had dinner because we started the date late. Nobody's at fault, it was the availability we had. Besides, I was too tired to go around or enjoy a movie. We went back to your place and decided to just watch some film or series on your laptop. It's good that we had the room to ourselves, and that your roomies were already off to vacation.

On that evening we made love. It was that same evening I felt the love for you.

Today, it's been exactly two years since that night I felt that love.

Guess what?

I still do.

08 October 2011

Stream 2011-10-08

the idea of it
a prodrome
thumping pulse
building pressure
manifesting aura

Why the sudden compulsion?
For something that has never occurred before
a phenomenon, a rare feat
an adventure awaits
just for me to take bait

or perhaps an omen
of evil things to transpire
exchange of heat, perspire!
Of mischief, no profit
malignant, might not be revertant

a bruit on auscultation, tempting invitation
sanity on obtundation, inexistent salvation
a need, of instinct and drive, a must to jive
listless, restless, must not be fruitless

should I succumb, to what could be a catacomb?

Pagod, a drink, an invite, the afternoon, pleasant stroll, and Fabcasts

How's my weekend going down?