30 December 2012

Bright Lights Bigger City

Now Friday's coolBut there's somethin about Saturday nightYou can't say what you won't doCause you know that you just might

RD and I have been apart for weeks now, about 2 weeks, since he's on vacation back home in Davao. And I'm in Manila, not on vacation, nor a break. I'm starting to doubt myself, and where our relationship stands. We've been apart for weeks, apart this holiday season... and I haven't been really in touch with him. I didn't even call in for Christmas, nor text him belated greetings. I don't even exactly miss him. I have thought about him, but not exactly miss him. Wala yung feeling na "gustung gusto ko siya makita".

Should I feel bad?

He's been texting, "good night", "how are you?", "I'm bored..".
I reply naman; "sleep tight", "i'm fine.", "I'm busy".

But we haven't talked, as in a free flowing conversation. It's either I'm too busy, or I am that lousy. hmm?

Oh, and I've been more in touch with guys from PR. Does that make it worse?

08 December 2012


Every time we're together I've been looking forward to the end of our day, cuddling in your bed. There something about how you touch me that makes me wanting more; the way you wrap your arms around me, never letting go, that draws me deeper in your embrace. Through the night you never lifted your arms off me, you always pull me closer instead.

This is what I've been wishing to come home to. And you might just be the one I'd want to come home to.

But that's something I haven't cleared in my mind yet.