18 December 2012

A Bowl of Hot Soup and A Warm Hug :: LQ epsiode 1

Apparently RD is not willing to share some tonight.

ugh!let me just lash out. 3... 2... 1...

Grabe! He'd go to Trinoma and see The Hobbits rather than seeing me? or at least checked on me.  Nag-aya naman siya na manuod, but only after I told him "I was hoping to see you."

I'm sick, and been in bed the whole afternoon for feeling unwell. I called him and he answered. Pero dahil boses kokak ako with this tonsillopharyngitis, I hung up to resort to sms. He called back, but I dismissed the call so I could send him an sms immediately. Guess what he texted before I was able to send mine:
 RD:Okay kung ayaw mo sagutin.
and he was sort of pissed off because he had to run out of his apartment just to get a decent signal to make a call, tapos nireject ko pa, twice.
RD: ...Pinatakbo mo pa ko sa labas. Ayaw mo naman sagutin. ... It's not fine at all. Kakapagod.... Sumakit ulo ko. 
So he asked again if I'd prefer to go to a mall nearby instead of Trinoma, but I simply excused myself that I don't feel like going to a mall at the moment because I really don't feel well. Guess what he said?
RD: Pahinga ka na lang kung tinatamad kang lumabas.
Grabe. Nakakainis. SRSLY.
I just find it insensitive.

Fuck this.

And this, ladies is what I consider our first quarrel.


the healthworker said...

naks! first LQ! pagaling ka kagad... :)

Victor Saudad said...

papagaling ako agad ng maumbagan ko siya. haha!

joke lang. i'm not that violent.

Nate said...

miscommunication lang naman.. i'm sure onting lambing lang, ok na ulit kayo.. hihihi..

get well soon! :)

JohnM said...

O diba sabi sayo miscommunication lang eh? *Wink*

Hustin said...

hindi dapat init ng ulo ang pinapairal hehe init ng katawan dapat. haha

pagaling ka!

JM said...

sorry naman, pero the fact that he called twice may actually mean he cares. probably not in the way that you wanted, kaya pissed off ka. hm, dyan kasi minsan nagsisimula yung mga away na nagmamarka ng permanenteng sugat..

that aside, get well soon indeed..

Basti said...

once in a while, we become insensitive but that does not mean that we totally don't care. maybe he's just tired or something.