30 July 2013

Spoiled 2013-07-19

We were planning for a Friday night just by ourselves, "...just you and me" as we kept texting through the day.
But an unlooked for change of events came about with the sudden change of weather.

01 July 2013

Without a Heart Attack

How I wish I can tell you how much we love each other...
how much joy he's been giving me, and how he's been helping me.

I'm excited to tell you how he introduced me to his mother and brother, how our dinner turned out, and how they thought na I was matakaw.
I would like you to meet him too, and maybe enjoy talking about cars or the stock market.

How I wsih I can tell you, how much I love him....
how much he means to me,

How I wish I can tell you these things...  without giving you a heart attack. -_-