30 July 2013

Spoiled 2013-07-19

We were planning for a Friday night just by ourselves, "...just you and me" as we kept texting through the day.
But an unlooked for change of events came about with the sudden change of weather.

Expected hours to be spent at work was at least 7 hours, but on that particular day we were given a bonus of early out - dismissal at 1pm. So my colleagues decided to spend the rest of the day with a good time. Karaoke bar, booze, movies, Tagaytay trip - dami gusto gawin, tila walang ibang pagkakataon, haha! But we end up going to a pub in Morato and played billiards instead. after an hour of amateur competition, we hopped to Quattro in Timog for some drinks. At first, I was decided to be done by 5pm, so I can still go on with my earlier set date. But with a tower of Weng-weng on our table, and a bucket of folly... sobriety was not within my grasp.

It was a good time indeed. But, it's been awhile since I had this much alcohol in my system, or perhaps I was getting old for this much drinking. I totally lost it. By the time I met up with my boyfriend past 5pm, I was too drunk to even give him a decent greeting. I lost it, all of it - my composure, my wits, my consciousness, and even my guts. I was too intoxicated that I was knocked out once we got to my bed. I ask him to lie beside me for awhile.

What felt like a quick nap turned out to be hours of sleep. It was already midnight when I've regained my composure, my consciousness, and even my appetite. I was alone on my bed, lying on my side, and he was sitting on the floor, with eyes closed.

I felt awful, seeing him sitting there as if held captive. An evening planned - lost. The excitement donned that morning, now reeks with disappointment.


Nomad said...

Ang gulo siguro matulog kaya bumaba siya. Hehehe!

Ok lang yan muka namang naintindihan niya :)

Basti said...

i had a very similar experience. i was too drunk. when i woke up, my ex was sleeping on the floor.

Jjampong said...

eyes were merely resting
wooden floor was cool that night

and I'm still here <3