07 November 2011

Letters to Self

Last night, I was de-cluttering my laptop and found the very first documents I've stuffed in a folder. Letters, more like "Dear diary". I got this laptop a few days after M and I broke up, so most of those documents were about him.

Reading those letters again gave me some enlightenment, I suppose. I do believe we all need to look back once in awhile to see how far we've gone.

I'll be posting some of the letters as a series, with a little editing, since I've written highly personal impertinent stuff


the green breaker said...

I remember coming across few letters addressed to myself, too. In as much as I'd like to post them, I have a literary pledge but I'd like to see yours. Para maicompare ko lang. Haha. I feel kasi na masyado pala akong emo dati.

Victor Saudad said...

why compare your archives to mine? you should only compare your past to your own present.

the green breaker said...

I mean. Kung ako lang ba ang emo dati. Hahaha. Well, at some point, each one of us became too emotional over things naman siguro.

Victor Saudad said...

It's a personal experience, so definitely it would require emotional investment on your part. How much you've invested would only differ. Regardless of amount,overall you will be emotional or EMO aout it.

kasi kung hindi, wouldn't that make you a psychopath?