29 December 2010

On Booze : Of Beer and Men

Lately, I've been checking out guys in PR, especially those within Sampaloc area, ask them out for a drink. So far, I've met with two: the first guy was after the Paskuhan celebration, and he even invited his straight guy cousin to join our little drinking session; and the second guy was after I got back from the province this week.

I'm actually weak on beer and hate the retching it induces, but I find beer perfect for meet ups. It's low alcohol content doesn't intoxicate me much to be out of control, but just enough to loosen up. Tamang sipa lang.

Ever since I started drinking alcoholic beverage, I prefered hard drinks. I'd shoot tequilla with ease, drink wine and champagne on special occasions, and share a traditional scotch or brandy with my relatives. I like my alcohol hard - and on some instances the same with my men, so I like taking a shot at them.

(hmm...sound slutty.tsk.)

I don't mind drinking by myself with hard drinks. But when I'm on my own with beer, I chug them down like water... completely out of moderation. An ex taught me how to enjoy beer. We'd go to ihawan's for dinner, then order a bucket of pilsens. Since he's the eloquent conversationalist (with a British accent), I discovered the joy of drinking beer. You take a sip, preferably a gulp, in between jokes, stories or commentaries. The stories get better and more interesting when you start to feel the booze and loosen up more to the topics (then of course one might get a little extra touchy, which is completely fine if you're up for a little action).

I think that's why I invite guys for a round of booze. I'd like them to loosen up ( not with their clothings) a bit with me. You get to know more about them, and you get straight answers out of their closets.

I must say, I prefer talking about life, whether it's personal or in general. Politics doesn't do me well.

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