01 September 2013


May 2, 2013

Basically that's how I told my mom about my sexuality. Brief. Concise.
She broke out crying, tears flowing like they've been saved up for this moment. She was quiet, eyes closed,  with a heavy sob escaping every minute. her knees gave way, leading her to crouch in to a ball. Still crying, her deep sniffs and crystal tears were the only signs of her emotions - of which I couldn't decipher.

Shock? Obviously.
Disbelief? Doubtly.
Despair? ...Hm.
Anguish? Not a single wrinkle on her forehead.
Dismay? Err... not quite.
Pain? whose severity I cannot gauge.

It took her about 20 minutes or so before opening her eyes, She stood up, wiped her face, took a deep breath and turned around without looking at me. She went straight to her bedroom, and I heard the door closing after her.

This is my coming out story. Brief. Concise. And it didn't end here.


gillboard said...

i think my parents know this already. i just can't muster up the energy to say it out loud.

Jjampong said...

@gillboard same situation as mine, they were only waiting for me to say it to them, kaya nung inamin ko sa mom ko all she said to me was "Alam ko"

Geosef Garcia said...

That was a very painful thing to see. But it should eventually be done, one way or another.

Anonymous said...


Mamon said...

kasama mo si Jjampong nun? bigat siguro nun.