05 June 2014

What Stirred Such Controversial Text

Prelude: the abominable text.

For the curious little beastie that I am (Yes, I've just seen Maleficent lately), I stand amidst the court.
I have a PR account. 
And it was through my personal PR account that l'étranger sent him the text.

How true that it being an online dating site? So having an account there means that one is looking for or open to dating? Oh, and it's more of a hookup site, they say? Truth be told - no one could ever detest! Or is it a mere hunting ground then for the homophile Casanova, preying on the feeble minded Romeo?

Do share a thought, or barrage me with protest. I'd really like to hear what you have to say.
Now, now, don't be a shy little lad - step onto the light, and speak up.


Geosef Garcia said...

If PR is not an online dating/hookup site, then I don't know where to categorize it anymore. A social networking site for homosexuals perhaps?

Jjampong said...

I enjoyed it when you read this in front of me with matching maleficent tone haha

Simon said...

Oh the blue planet :) That site brought back so much memories of my underaged self looking to hook up with random people.. I wonder how much has the site changed since I left

Victor Saudad said...

@Geosef, well, hindi nga ba it's that kind of social networking site? my point is, it's not supposed to be limited(or reduced) to a hookup site. Bayaan na ang mga apps like Grindr for that.

well ngayon, para na lang hookup catalogue, or FHM na pambading, ang PR. which is quite disappointing.

Victor Saudad said...

@Simon, well, it's not worth coming back to...unless hobby nyo na lang magbrowse ng profiles for whatever purpose it may lead to. Minsan jjampong and I just browse profiles...make funny comments, or scrutinize authenticity. or simply sit back and just ogle. haha!

Jjampong: "AY! Anlaki ng kanya!"