13 February 2014

V - 01

5 February 2014

As promised, I'm going to cook dinner for us.
However I got out late from work,
then we got to meet half an hour past expected
We (well, you - since you're driving) hurried to get (us) home
It's already eight past quarter, as we entered our door
Oh, luckily my brother got the meat out to defrost
unfortunately we ran out of gas for the stove
But hooray for the electric stove, tho we only have one
Could only heat a pan at a time, hence prolonged cooking time
took on the sauce first, since it'd be longer to cook
but it was easier, with a little help from you
What I really liked about it, was you by my side
and that particular moment you hugged me from behind
and gave me a peck, one at a time
Now for the noodles, which I thought would be quick
but to our dismay, took longer than expected
a filled up pan, would take long to boil
So as to kill time, we found something else to toy ;)
Finally after two hours we finally got to sit down and eat
enjoy my recipe, as per request, your bolognese
We ate till we felt full, to the delight of our tummies
This, my dear, I give to you for Valentines
My love for you, for all times.


Jjampong said...

no letting go ok?? :)
forever and ever

Soul Yaoi said...

Very sweet!