25 February 2014

V - 03.1

14 February 2014

Vday plan was simple -

dinner at his place together with his mom. It was my idea, that's how I've known to celebrate such holiday - home cooked dinner with my mom. Since my parents were both abroad, dinner with his mom would be the next best thing. Except for the home cook dinner part, we opted to bring food instead of having Tita cook for us. Conti's was his choice, I let him pick the dishes.

Our goal was to keep cool at work, not to let meetings and coworkers ruin the mood or the day. Well at least for him, because he usually gets grumpy after a meeting. 

As for me, I finally got word of news I've been dying to hear. It was handed to me in an envelope with a bold CONFIDENTIAL typed across it. It has been 3 weeks of silent agony, and now its breaking the silence on such delightful day. 

I took a deep breath, and started tearing it open. A paper folded in 3 crosswise. As I gently unfold the paper, I knew what I needed to see - my name, and 3 specific numbers that shall reveal the result.

41, 120, 24

to be continued...

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