02 August 2014

Pending Press Release, and Laundry.

Apparently, something is brewing- and  it's not as tasty as fresh coffee.

Hindi naman ako celebrity, at wala [pa! - at this point in time] akong balak magshow biz... but lately, people have been getting into my pants. Kung ano man pong suot kong underwear (o kung may suot man nga), it is between me and my partner (Yes, I do think about the undies I wear especially if we're meeting or going out 😄). Why do some people like to put their hands in other people's pockets when there's nothing to pullout from them? 

I'm good with doing the laundry, and I'm not embarrassed of that fact. But I don't wash my dirty laundry in public, under the scrutiny of obsessive passersby. Ibibilad ko sa arawan ang aking labada... hindi nga lang ngayong tag-ulan.


Jjampong said...

since when did we became a celebrity couple? haha

i really don't get it why people have to be personally involved in our relationship

if I get Php1M for every text I get from random people asking about our relationship, I would be so freaking rich by now haha and I could buy our dream house, dream car and everything we want ahaha1

Simon said...

Men with sexy underwear :) Hmmm Slurp haha

Overthinker Palaboy said...

Hindi nga naman tamang maglaba sa publiko. Mas hindi tamang pilitin maglaba sa publiko ang mga may maruruming damit.

Mukhang showbiz personality ka na sa press release entry nato. Hehe.

Victor Saudad said...

"Kasi po Tito Boy, I'm quite a private and introverted person.

Ha. I'll just leave it at that siguro."

-Victor Saudad on The Buzz!
2 August 2014

Jjampong said...

I do have a thing for guys in undies haha, i usually get in the way when bf buys undies hahahaha, pag boxer pinipigilan ko siya hahaha

Jjampong said...

Some people just don't know how to stop intruding into the private lives and relationships of others

Hindi ata sila masaya hangga't sa secure kameng dalawa sa isa't-isa

Mamon said...

Artista na kaya kayo noh. Member ako ng VicJjmasters eh hehe ;p

kalansaycollector said...

aaaaaaay bongga ang pagkakaligaw ko dito. magjowang blogger... cuteness! :)