27 June 2011

"What will you be going to New York for?"

A pop question, totally sidetracked from discussion, as she firmly taps my shoulder.

"For a vacation?" I blurted out as I was snatched away from my daydream.

"To get married!"

The snide remark caught me off guard. Her as well. People were already snickering. She then saves herself with apologies and "I didn't mean that you -" and "Not that I was implying -". But it was just a little too late.

What I should have said:
Oh! Pardon me madam, but I don't have plans of getting married to the same sex... and I don't believe in such marriages. Sorry to disappoint you.


Juan der Last said...

Ako, di ako naniniwala na kailangan ang marriage para i-validate ang isang relationship.

At lalong di ako natutuwa sa mga taong parang High School kung umasal, considering na ang tanda tanda na nila. Tsk.

This is our future? Great.

RoNRoNTuRoN said...

haha, kung alam lang ni ate. :D

Viktor Saudad said...

@Juan, di rin ako nainiwala sa same sex marriage. Bilang Katoliko, di ako sumasang-ayon sa kasal ng dalawang lalaki. At gaya ng sinabi mo, di naman kailangan ng isang seremonya para lang i-validate ang pagmamahalan ng dalawang tao.

But I do dream of a domestic relationship with a partner. :P

@Ron, i didn't find any part of that discussion amusing. as in nabigla na lang ako at di makapagsalita. But my face was clearly in disbelief, kaya rin sya napabawi ng sinabi.
Oh, and the fact that she was only asking to check how much we know of current events. Aware naman ako sa balita, pero "vacation" lang talaga sumagi sa isip since I don't consider the idea of marriage with another guy.

citybuoy said...

was this a consul? They can be a little rude. Power-tripping freaks. haha

But anyway, why don't you believe in marriages like that? I think it's good to have milestones. These straight people, they don't know what they have.

Viktor Saudad said...

@Citybuoy she's not a consul and she's about to retire soon... we'll still be seeing each other next year, on her last year. She wasn't really power-tripping...sadyang seniority complex. Imagine those really "senior" professors back in college, those who you may consider masters of their craft. She's that type. Plus a very granny personality. I like her because of her lola appeal.
out of place lang talaga yung remark nya about sending me to New York for a wedding.

The fact that I'm Catholic, I do have respect for the traditions and sacraments. kung usapang kasal sa simbahan lang talaga, di ako sang-ayon. Pero kung by Constitution, ...uhm... I still need to give it some thinking.