17 June 2011

Got Time to Sit and Tell Stories

... but which story to tell?

  1. how I got busy with the week,  - something routine naman ito, so baka boring lang
  2. how I've finally realized that I've moved on from M -oo, as in walang latak ng pait
  3. how I'm reminded how stuffy it is to be in a closet - something to do with coming out to a friend, pero hindi ko magawa ng madalian
  4. how I stumbled upon a hottie online - napaclick sa link at *ding*, napakagat labi ako
  5. how I'm surviving a crisis - naapektuhan ako ng poverty. (OA lang, pero oo taghirap ako ngayon)
As I sit in bed reflecting from the week that I have endured, these made it to my top 5. Though I posted them here, I'm not really asking the crowd to pick one and send in their votes to a Kwento to Tell

(Grabe, sabi ko pa man din sa isang nakaraang ulat di ako masyadong makakapgsulat sapagkat busy-busyhan na ko...pero eto naman, kung makaonline ng minsanan sagaran naman. hehe Bawi lang din pala e.)

Gaaaaah...got so many kwentos to tell. I've got a little more time tonight, we'll see which one I'll be writing about. (Huwag ko lang makatulugan :P)

1 comment:

Sean said...

it seems you had a very busy week. look forward to your kwentos.