05 June 2011

An Honest "No" Would've Done the Trick

This is a recall of my Thursday, June 2nd:

I went out to meet up with PT, who's been text mate since I returned to PR this summer (which btw, has already been deleted). PT is a registered therapist but works in a call centre, but I simply call him PT so as to easily remember the guy. The guy has no outstanding characteristic except that he's a non-practising therapist, and that he likes getting hugs&kisses - text hugs&kisses that is. So we've decided to meet and watch movie at his place as his invitation. I have this knack for putting myself in awkward situations but lack the ability for a gracious exit.

When the dvd started rolling, so did his hands. At first they were simply chummy, one hand around my shoulder and the other firmly settled on my left arm. A friendly gesture I thought, more of welcoming. Then they became playful, especially the one on my arm when it crawled its way to my tummy. I'd be lying if I say that hand was considered an intruder. I'm somehow ticklish, and it's getting the better of me.

Okay, I'm no amateur when it comes to meet ups, but I'm quite the stubborn, naive lad. I've been warned that an invite over a guy's place is basically a statement for a hookup. But when I'm invited for a movie or a drink, I always take the person's word for it. If something beyond the movie would happen, it would only be a product of chemistry. I don't entertain invitation for hookups head on - well not anymore :P.

So in this case, I was wrong to take PT's word. He was definitely want something other than a movie. I'm the naive lad, that manages to get in to trouble. Things were escalating, and at a fast ratet. PT was surely the forward type, quite the aggressive one too. Tho he was aggressive, he wasn't the rough kind; perhaps that was luring me and giving him way. I was basically being passive. Or perhaps a weakling. Nope, weakling is more appropriate. There were times that we were wrestling, showing off who could take down who, and it was clearly turning into a rough struggle - on my part. He could apparently pin me down, I just happen to have the position advantage at the start, when I tricked him to lie on his stomach.

He was really heating up, and determined to get  down to business... unfortunately his charms wasn't really working on me. He, nor I, couldn't get my stuff up and that simply gave him a straight up answer.
PT: *sigh*... Ayaw mo naman yata eh...VS: *silence* ... ("Ayaw ko naman talaga...hanggang cuddle lang kaya ko" with sly grin in my head) 
And it's just an opportunity I had to take. I stood up, fixed myself.
VS: I should go.
I didn't simply walk out of there. It was about time to leave anyway - I've delayed his advances that much. I was courteous enough to thank him for his hospitality and I did bid him farewell when I got out of the house.

Tsktsk, stubborn little lad. You should've known better. Just say "NO" to save you the trouble.


린코 said...

haha. rule of thumb, never ever go to a dude's place if you're alone or drunk.

Viktor Saudad said...

Hmmm... I must not have grown that extra thumb.

ron.angitawagmosaakin said...

hahaha. u did it gracefully viktor. bakit ayaw mo? walang chemistry?

Juan der Last said...

I'm a touchy guy. But I don't usually put my hands around guys' shoulders and arms. And if (big stress on the IF) I do, and he doesn't object, that's usually a signal that he's okay for me to proceed. ;)

Maybe he saw your feet, hence the sudden interest. Kidding, V!

린코 said...

hahaha. you'll grow one. haha. kapal ng muka eh no, parang ang mas matanda pa ko sayo. :))

Viktor Saudad said...

@Ron, I don't think I was "graceful" at all...hehe. Sadyang passive, since wala ako sa teritoryo. And I don't like it when a guy asks for a kiss and insists for one when denied. I just don't like it when someone begs for a kiss. So definitely, no chemistry there.

@Juan mahalay kang nilalang! PASIMPLE KA PA. una, idadaan muna bilang biro. haha! I can honestly say I'm "open" for advances, but not the rough kind. Kung swabe naman, I tend to be more open to something. and -
TEKA NGA. I'm NOT giving away any clues here.

At tigilan mo paa ko!

@Nik, mas matanda? you mean gurang? sige okay lang kung ikaw mas matanda. hehe