18 June 2011

Of Closets:: Whom I'd Get Out For?

I'm not truly a closeted guy. One, I tell my dearest friends a lot about me simply because they're entitled to it, or I feel like sharing, or even as a form of equivalent exchange for all their dirty secrets. Two, I don't mind answering people's queries regarding my sexuality and preference; as long as they directly and personally ask me, I'm willing to give them a straight answer. Three, when and if I have a boyfie I'd like to introduce him to my dearest friends, and eventually to my family as well since I have no intention of hiding behind a shadow, nor keeping things out of the light, especially with my  family. Basically, these three are my setting for "coming out".

I've introduced M before to my college friends, some of whom have known my dating history ever since I started dating guys, while the rest had completely no idea - until one September evening back in 2009. My college friends had set up a special dinner for those who passed the licensure exam and everyone were given a plus one pass (you get to bring a date). All of the girls in the group were single that time, and were not dating a single soul. Among the guys only 2 brought a date. Then I arrived at the dimly lit, open door restaurant, with M as my date. Coming in first, I was greeted with the usual bright smiles and gladness, it was a reunion afterall. Then I pulled M to my side, as he was walking right behind me, for the introduction. Subtle quizzical stares slowly masked the initial gladness that welcomed me.
VS: Guys si M. Friend ko from [a different school]. Classmate and friend din siya ni [friend] sa [school na yun].
Then I introduced everyone, one at a time to M, making sure I'm doing it the polite and courteous way I knew how. As the evening progressed, I was slightly surprised at how my friends were accommodating to the stranger I brought as my plus one. I need not worry if M was feeling out of place, and that I need not check on him every single minute since one of the guys in the group was intently having a conversation with him. He'd just look at me with that lovely smile of his and nod to reassure me he's all right. That time I knew he was definitely all right, my friends were all right with him, with us.

I really felt the respect they have for me. Something I'd like to see from my family when and if ever I introduce a boyfie at home. (M didn't count since I only introduced him as a friend and not the boyfie back then. :P ).


^travis said...

your future boyfie will be a lucky guy.

Mr. G said...

Buti ka pa...if only....but no regrets for me.

Mugen said...

Its easier for friends to accept than family members. Anyway, with my partner staying in for two days at home, it would, itself already give a hint. Hehehe.

Viktor Saudad said...

@travis, well I hope I'll be lucky with the future boyfie.

@Mr. G, it's all about choices...and sticking up to it.

@Mugen, traditional sina mama at papa. Kailangan formal sa kanila ang mga bagay. hehe I take things like these seriously.Hence the formal introductions :)