11 June 2011

Sweet Cheeks

I'm pretty much the guy who likes to kiss, and I could say I'm very particular with it. As I've mentioned in some previous entries, I don't like being asked for a kiss especially if he's not the boyfie, or he's not swabe, or I don't really feel like giving one.

But some time this week, I kissed someone on the cheek. Something that I don't really do, not even with guys I've dated before. This one peck I did this week, well, was actually a surprise. Not for the guy, I can't say for him, but for me it's actually a bit of a surprise. I don't remember giving anyone a peck on the cheek. (Oh, I just remembered, I did give a guy friend back in college a quick peck on the cheek. He's not gay, and the kiss was not intentional. It was out of reflex. I'll reserve that kwento some other time :P)

So, this guy picked me up for dinner, and it's the second night we've seen each other.We had dinner at a nearby pizzeria, chitchat about stuff, and about people. After our meal, we drove back to my place, and it was in that moment that I felt like kissing him. But not the usual kiss that I like or enjoy. I simply had the compulsion of kissing him on the cheek. During that drive, I felt sneaky whenever I glance at him, not because I was shy - well I shouldn't be since we've just gone out the previous night. It felt like I was stealing glances from someone I have stared at, and it's unusual.

I took a deep breath, faced him while he's looking beyond the dashboard, and just threw myself at him for that one quick, smack. He simply said "AH.. Okay." Out of surprised? He wasn't really expecting that, I thought...or perhaps he didn't like it one bit. I addressed my gratitude for the evening, bid him farewell and got off the car. I smiled as I shut the passenger door.

A peck on the cheek? SRSLY Vic? Well, it felt nice. I like it. Bahala na siya kung di nya magustuhan.... :)

My apologies for not introducing the guy. I didn't even gave him an appropriate appellation. Hmmm...this is hard. I'm thinking of Cheeks, since he's the first guy I've kissed on the cheek. Yeah...I should call him Cheeks, just for the sake of kwento, he shall be known as Cheeks. ;)


Juan der Last said...

So this is what you were telling me about? Hahaha.

Désolé Boy said...

I laughed at your last paragraph ;D
And I, too, like kissing. Haven't kiss a guy in a year though. *sigh*

Mr. G said...

nice gesture...I am sure he wouldn't mind...

Viktor Saudad said...

@Juan, actually i didn't have to run it through you :P

@Desole... what's funny? Siguro may alam ka no? hehe

@Mr. G, well, right after this entry I got to chat with Cheeks and we got to talk about that kiss... okay naman daw. nabigla lang raw siya.