07 June 2011

Never Leave Your Heart Alone

(Singing with Butterfly Boucher)

These past days I've been talking to a lot of people. Mostly guys I've been texting and chatting with for quite some time now. Some were guys I met from PR, while some were from the blogs. It's been a pleasant week to just spend time with people and be connected with. It has truly been a pleasure to be intimate with another guy beyond the physical means and exchange of bodily fluids. And I must say more gratifying than the latter.

I'm also starting to have a better appreciation for myself. I've been getting compliments right and left, and honestly I've almost forgotten what it's like to be appreciated for simply being who I am. Someone has been commending me and my writing skills; he finds this blog of mine poetic. I actually don't agree with him, telling him he should see more blogs and read more entries out there; people I'm following are remarkable writers, and far better writers than I am. If I know better, they could be making a living or a career out of their journals. And when it comes to "story telling", I really think I suck at it. haha!

Someone also told me that he likes my blog compared to those I've been showing him. Well, I've been showing him blogs of those better writers, but he insists that he likes mine better. Hindi raw kasi "bastos" yung akin (waaaw...a huge compliment for me to be honest). Honestly natuwa ako dun, knowing myself, I do have a bastos side of me. I can openly discuss my sexcapades to a random chatter, and be not embarrassed about it. Not exactly proud, but I do admit to facts and truths, and sometimes I do get a little overboard (nagawa ko rin namang magpost sa forum ng maliliit na detalye) . But those naughty kwento are now reserved only for personal sharing. I'm watching myself now, getting my act altogether. Being more responsible? And why not? :)

I'm on the road to a decent life. It's what I've been working on all these years. Unfortunately, I got a little sidetracked, some detours which only led me to roadblocks and dead ends. Now, I'm working hard to getting back on track. The first thing to work on is myself, which is what I've been struggling with for the past months. Second would have to be the connection with those around me; forging friendships, making them stronger. When it comes to threading a new line with a stranger, caution and honesty works best.

So now, I'm going for a trip, and I'll be updating this blog whenever I get the time. When I do find the time, I'll try to draft an entry or two. Consider this a farewell note, especially addressed to certain people whom I've connected with these past days. Thank you for the time we've been given, for the chance we've taken. Keep in touch, and see you again soon.

I'm off! :)


Sean said...

enjoy your trip, viktor. i'll be looking forward to your stories.

Viktor Saudad said...

For now, I'll be focusing more on this trip of mine... I'll still be online for checking mails and comments :)

Hopefully when I get to a pit stop I'll have s'wonderful stories to share :)