11 December 2013

Right Answers

While I was at work, being up for about 26 hours, with a few stolen winks in between. Being at work for this month has been a breeze so far. We usually chat about random stuff over lunch. Our seniors - considred as alpha female, pry on our group's personal lives.
"May girlfriend ka?"

One of the seniors asked us one by one. Juan answered with a proud confirmation, being in a 6-year relationship. Then I was sitting next to him.
"Ikaw, Vic? May girlfriend?"
"Wala po..." with a sly smile.
Che was next
"Wala na po boyfriend." 
But Lynrd and Josef rebutted 
"Di eh...It's complicated! " laughing in unison.

And in the middle of it, Juan nudge me by the elbow and whispered, 
"Meron ka diba? Si ano,..
then I read his lips
 "Si Jjampong?"
I whispered back, "Girlfriend and tinanong, so tama lang sagot ko. I give out the right answer to the right questions." ending the private conversation with a nudge and nod.

My groupmates has been cool with it, my relationship with J, since I confessed to them last August. It wasn't out of complete volition; we're like spinning bottles, for truth or dare. Since we'd be together for a whole year, they'd find out sooner or later. It was fortunate that they're cool with it. And what's great about it, they're being discreet about it without me asking for it.


Simon said...

You have great friends and are pretty brave to confess to them about you guys :) Up until now I still find it hard to confess to some of my friends without the help of Cheng about me and him...

Geosef Garcia said...

Madalas din akong tanungin ng ganito. Ang hirap sagutin. *hehe*

onlychild said...

It's nice to have friends who will cover up for you. I actually have two friends who are always covering up for me when asked about my relationships. Haha

Victor Saudad said...

they don;t cover up for me. they need not to.
actually nilaglag na ko nung tatlo sa kanila. haha!