30 December 2013

By the Garden Swing, We Pour Ourselves Another Drink

21 December 2013
I finally got to introduce Jjampong to ma petite soeur (my little sister). For introductions, I don't really have a biological sister. Ma petite soeur is actually a high school friend, my sole best friend - we've been friends since we started high school and we've treated each other more like family. I even told her, if i were to have a younger sister, I'd be lucky to have her, and I'd definitely pick her (kahit na ilang beses na nya ko binigyan ng sakit ng ulo dati).

Petite soeur finished college in Taiwan and is currently based there. She comes home once in awhile, and holds a garden party every time. So this year, we've talked about Jjampong and how she'd like to meet him. So I invited J to the party, and he got to meet her- along with our other high school barkada and her own circle of friends. (Hmm... so this counts as my "coming out" to my high school class?!? - didn't cross my mind at that time). 

Present at the party were some of my closest high school friends, one of which J has already met in August. Only a couple knew about my dating preference, but never did they see me in action (err... basta, out with a guy I mean). We arrived pretty late in the evening since we had a prior engagement, so some of them were already tipsy and in a cheery cacophony. 

Alcohol and a little scandal, would be a good mix. And so there we were on hot seats, barraged by queries -  from his background, to how we started. Questions were mostly directed at him (siya raw kasi yung gwapo, syempre mas gusto nila ung atensyon nakatuon sa kanya). I'm fine throughout the ordeal with a cold beer in hand, J couldn't drink since he's driving and sick.
We stayed until we finished a round of charades. It was a warm welcoming feeling, even in their drunken state. We bid them all farewell and a good night to end the evening. With ma petite soeur, a photo of us three in a bundle as a cover to new beginnings.