31 December 2011

Poll #1 : Definitions

  1. When can you say that you're "seeing someone"?
  2. How would you define dating?
  3. What does "nothing serious" exactly mean?
I'd really like to get some feedback on this. If you must ask, yes, I am seeing someone, but we're not exactly dating yet, since we're both not looking for something serious.

29 December 2011

In Bullets

I have a few notes to say... to myself.
  • Wala muna akong ikukwento, kasi bigla kong naisip, may mga makakarelate sa kwento. haha! Yes, marami nang nakakabasa, and the thing is, the guys I'm about to make kwento are the ones reading this blog. That would be awkward, right? So... Hindi na lang. Haha!
  • Oh but I'd like to clear that up, I'm not sleeping around with guys. I did mention in the previous post that I've got kwento to tell about boys. Well, I think that'll be my next kwento, where are these boys coming from. *on cue: Bring the boys out!*
  • Hmmm... Closet blog pa ba ito? Naman eh! Now I can't freely write about particular guys because they'll be able to read it. hmmm... Maybe I should change url, no?
  • By the way, this closet blog of mine has just turned 1 this Christmas. Not much of a celebration - so did my Christmas. hohum.
  • There are these decent guys that I'd like to write about... kaso, lugi ako. They get a peek at my thoughts, habang sila e di ko man lang mabasa ang mga saloobin. 
  • I'd like to think that I'm good at reading people. I just wish people knew how to read me. As in take a good time, just reading me. Pampam ba? haha!
  • I've got some free time. But it'll be over soon. Back to business... farewell to boys? Hmm. 
  • I'd like to have cake. As always, I'm craving for food :P

Just because I'm not in an awesome mood to come up with a decent writing - we hit it off with bullets!
Bang! Bang! ;)

23 December 2011

Of Gusts and Tides


Wala pang isang buwan mula nang nangumpisal ako, mukhang nababali ko na ang aking panata. Biglang nag-iba ang ihip ng hangin nitong nakaraang linggo, malakas ang hampas pabaling sa kabilang direksyon.

11 December 2011


I think I've done enough exploring. I've set sail a few years back, and travelled far and long. Now I'm back home, with all the baggage from my trip, and assorted memories and lore. It's time to unload it all, and give myself some peace, of mind and soul.

It's time to focus on the important things... what matters most, are those that you left back home.

04 December 2011

Back to December

I think it's my blog's anniversary soon. Oh, I 've been very busy lately with work, the vicious cycle of reports, exams, and lack of sleep. Last night, i almost missed dinner if it weren't for a housemate who invited me to eat... and it was only then i realized that I've been continuously working on my seat for the past 5 hours. Parang robot lang talaga, di man lang nakaramdam ng gutom.

So basically this entry is an update.

Something happened last week... let's call it an epiphany. Or better yet, a calling

I went to confession.