28 September 2011


I woke up this morning with you in my mind. Not exactly how and why, but you were the first thing on my mind, right next to the first light.

"I love you."

It's been two years already, and still I wake up to a morning like this. No amount of sadness, nor drop of bitterness - it's the truth. I love you. But we've parted ways, you turned your back on me, I had to push myself away from you. You didn't want me after all.

 I was happy with you as you told me you were happy with me. But in the end, you professed "that I was never happy to begin with". You left me, broken hearted. I love you, unfortunately you couldn't reciprocate. You took my heart and left it in the cold. You took my sight and left me blind in the dark.

You took away Truth - the only thing I hold on to. The Truth I've treasured since the beginning of life, snatched away in seconds.

Two years. How long shall it take for Truth to be back in my arms?


Anonymous said...

aww... don't just wait, do something!

Viktor Saudad said...

it's not something i can work on my own. I shall find Truth again... but it will take awhile.

Anonymous said...

Awhile? Like 10 years?... Just kidding! I know the feeling... It's horrible yearning for someone you know will never be at your bedside.

Viktor Saudad said...

Hi Anonymous,
i don't really mind waking up alone in bed :) and it's not horrible at all, whenever I do yearn for "someone".

Moreover, I don't think it'll take me that looong to wait to hold on to Truth again.

V1nC3 said...

Mahirap nga pag 'trust' yung nawala. As for how long it will take? Hmmm, for me until a better memory replaces the old one. =)

Viktor Saudad said...

@V1nC3 ... Until now, I can't get over the loss. Okay na ako sa lost love. Pero yung Truth... mahirap talaga tanggapin. Nagbago ang tingin ko sa mundo, kung pano ko tingnan ang mga bagay.

And it's not making it easy to even find a "replacement". :|

Jjampong said...

things happen for a reason, and if not for this I wouldn't have met you and I wouldn't have been this happy.

let's work together to bring back the truth in your life

Remember, it's just you and me and I love you!