03 September 2011


Out on a saturday night - alone. Well it's not unusual, it's just that tonight, I'm feeling quite lonesome.

Hmm... I was intending to go for a more formal entry, but...wth.

lounging at my favorite cafe 
along an avenue of delights
packed with work to do
a break from the trend
savouring the aroma
of fullness, freshness
keeps me awake, coherent,
i doubt alert
not a perfect condition
to be fruitful, productive 
despite the place being conducive
intention, objectives, present
dedication and concentration, absent
burying myself unto my seat 
brooding for serendipity
stalking spontaneity
trivial thoughts
farfetch fantasy
distraction looms
time waltzes by
i find myself again
on arrest
fleeting feeling of drive
with a surge of impulse
change of tides
shift of phase
I ought to walk out here
go straight home
for the night is young
with only impulse pounding in my chest
could only mean trouble.

Got to go... and head home. I might simply find myself off somewhere else if I don't go home now.


린코 said...

haha i actually love impromptu night offs. they're more memorable than planned ones IMO

Anonymous said...

haha, yeah you better go straight home, unless you wanna come over at my place, hehe kidding


Viktor Saudad said...

@Nik, yes they tend to be memorable. but not all memories are pleasant.

@Yam, naglakadlakad muna ko, leisurely stroll. bumili ng food, tsaka umuwi. Well syempre, sa paglalakad ko maraming tempting glance. haha

Ryan said...

Have you ever wondered
or sought out
to entertain that Impulse,
that powerful Pounding
reverberating through your entire being?
Burning like passion could be passion itself,
wanting to come out, sweat out
Trouble becomes them only when seen through troubled eyes,
So why not peek through in a new light?