25 May 2011

A Fish in the Sea - Part 2

So I think I suck at making kwento, transcribing it at least. I even failed to characterize the characters in this kwento. Hah! So for a quick review: I joined my Brother and his pals for a weekend vacation in a far away province, with unlimited access to the beach. My brother's girl friend took us in with the help of her relatives. One of the relatives was Mr.Fisherman.(click here to check the first part).

Mr. Fisherman's real name is pretty interesting as well. It's not a common name for a guy. It's not macho, and seems unfit for a fisherman. But I like it as it is. It's angelic.

So on our second night, we decided to have grilled chicken. (Tama ba, inihaw na manok ung grilled chicken?). It was fun grilling your own chicken instead of buying from Andoks or Baliwag's. Mr. F was completely helpful and  may I say charming. Well, ako lang naman tinatablan ng charms niya nun.

Dinner was great. Taking only a short break from the hearty meal, we set up for a session once again. A bottle of GSM blue and RH grande. Again, as the designated tanggero I had control over their intake, the rate and amount. We had a couple of rounds already when Mr.F decided to join us. The inner imp in me poured him a shot glassful of gin, "Panghabol" as an excuse. I pushed the shot to him with the chaser on the other hand to shush any more objection. He obliged, but divided the shot into three gulps. Mukhang maingat mula sa pagkalasing, di naman niya siguro pinaghinalaang nilalasing ko siya.

Yes, I did want him to get drunk as soon as possible. But not for evil intentions. Yes, mabait akong bata, may pagkasutil, pero di ako manyakis. I just wanted him to get as drunk as Iwas so we could enjoy more of our conversation.

We had a break from the shots when Mr.F asked us to join him in his crab hunt. Actually ako lang ung inaya nya at inudyok naman ng mga kasama ko para naman daw maranasan ko. They've all done it before, and since it's my first time there they said it's going to make my stay more eventful. And so I was the honorary assistant to Mr.F's catching spree. It was definitely fun, and a a workout catching agile crustaceans. I stayed close as much as I can to Mr.F as he chased down every potential pulutan we could spot in the dark.He was also fun to watch as he run around topless, with his charming gleaming smile to top it all off. We had moments alone, in the dark along the shore. But I was quiet. I wasn't feeling chatty, nor I was tipsy enough to be extra friendly.

Our inuman session resumed with a new batch of freshly caught crabs as pulutan. Mr.F is a skilled cook as well. He even coached me the proper way of cracking these crabs open, and cheered me on as I take one down. I could tell he was being extra supportive. It's my first time to be there, and he's practically chummy with all of his cousin's barkada. And he was very hospitable that he'd like me to fully enjoy my vacation.

Two, three bottles down, we were left with chips for pulutan. I got tipsy enough from the last shot of gin, and I refused to share the RH they're enjoying (I get headaches from beer). Luckily for me the rest of the group felt sleepy quite early and decided to call the night off. Mr.F invited me to share the hut up shore near his house, saying it's better to sleep there than sleep in the tent since it'll be breezy. I took his offer and thought it's a good opportunity to have a moment with this guy. A decent moment. But a small sexy thought managed to sneak in all that decency. I was getting a pillow from the tent when the girl shrieked "At san kayo pupunta??" (She's funny that way). I simply pointed towards the hut with a painosente look on my face, but Mr.F answered loud and proud "Magde-date! Kami naman magsosolo!" with the most adorable smile I've ever seen on him. "At bakit? Ayaw mo ba samin Vic?!", pahabol nung boypren. "I'm grateful na sinama nyo ko, but we can't deny na fifth wheel ako.", with the paawa effect. "So, magsasama kami ni Mr.F. Buhbye!". And we started giggling as we headed to the hut.

He brought out pillows and blankets and we set our beddings. We were basically getting ready to sleep, and a few kwento would help us doze off faster besides the alcohol. I was already lying on my back, waiting for him to finish his prepping. He surrounded himself with pillows. Tingin ba nya gagapangin ko talaga siya? Ganun ba ung naparating ko? I was starting to worry that I might be sending out creepy vibes. He paused for awhile, looked at me as I lay there intently. He flashed a smile and said "di kasi ako sanay na walang katabi."

"Mga ilang taon na rin kasi akong walang katabi sa kama mula nung iwan ako ng 2nd wife ko. Ung daughter ko naman minsan na lang tumabi sa akin kasi lumalaki na raw siya. Aminin ko, malungkot, lalo na kung sanay ka may katabi sa pagtulog. Kaya nga eto o, puro unan! haha!"

His laugh really broke the real drama behind what he just said.And there I was, still lying on my back and couldn't say nothing besides a pacute "awwww", gave him a pat on his shoulders. He went on telling more about his past marriages and about looking for the next girl, while I retort once in awhile just to let him know I was listening.

Eventually we fell asleep. I woke up perhaps two hours later lying on my side facing him. I looked at him intently for awhile. Reveled in his mere presence, not a single thought in my head. I was just there, taking the sight of him in. A single pillow parted us. I could steal a kiss, a hug, or more. But a single touch might ruin the moment. This moment, right there and then, was good enough.

Sure he was cute. He's hot. He's smart, funny. Not the fisherman I expected to be. But he's also straight. He's not some guy that I can catch and play with. Even if I used the widest net, or the juiciest bait, I can never contain him. There sure are a lot of fishes in the sea. Unfortunately, the sea isn't the water I'm meant to swim in.


ron.angitawagmosaakin said...

kainis ka. nakakakilig. lolx. bat walang mga gantong moments ang buhay koooo? haha,

Juan der Last said...

Awwww. Pat on the shoulders for you too. LOL. :)

Viktor Saudad said...

@Ron wag mo ko kainisan dahil lang sa ingit :P I didn't expect this to be a kilig story for anyone. Para sa kin lang yung kilig, may kakaibang kiliti pag naaalala ko yung mga pamamalagi ko sa probinsya. Pero di ko inaasahang kikiligin din ang kahit sino sa kwento kong ito.

@Juan hug na lang! :P

Nicko Decano said...

i like it. ang respectful. ang demure.
thank you. good rep for the team. :D

린코 said...

nilalanggam na ko... ang daming asukal eh :))

kuyakoy said...

whew, thats romantic, hahaha! love the last paragraph, it's really true, pero malay mo pd, bwahahahahahah!

Viktor Saudad said...

@Nicko, thanks for seeing it that way.

@Nik nilalanggam? Ah oo malanggam nga nun sa beach :P

@Kuyakoy I still don't know how you people find this romantic hehe. But thank you for liking it. DI ko talaga expected na ganyan ung effect nung kwento. It's my first kwento, and a long one at that.
And regarding the last last paragraph, it's not for me to dwell on the "what if". He's straight, and I like that about him :)