04 May 2011

A Fish in the Sea - Part 1

I've got a couple of pending entries already (such as the Ex files) but I just have to put this one down as it's been giving me kilig for days already...
Here's part 1 of 2.

I met this guy over the weekend. At first, I didn't even bothered giving him a decent look when we were introduced. He's from the province and he's not really cute. My first impression of him - "A fisherman". Nothing against fishermen, but I didn't see anything interesting about him.

As I always say, first impressions ALWAYS last. But with this guy, he's no ordinary fisherman. The first night we asked him to join our drinking session, wherein we were having Fundador, fresh sashimi and inihaw by the beach. We were already on our 2nd bottle when I offered him a shot as the designated tanggero. I was still awfully shy with the company I'm with, and I'm still not getting the buzz from the booze at this point. A couple of rounds later, I was starting to loosen up and Mr. Fisherman here was actually a major factor. It could've been the booze goggles, or he really had a cute smile (he does have a nice set of teeth for a fisherman). I could have been hearing the spirit in my head, or he actually had a warm giggle. The alcohol could have started to take effect on me, or he was simply chummy. Whatever it was, I was getting comfortable already... and getting a little flirty (if you consider giving a wide grin like a kid on Christmas eve flirty).

I always get extra smiley whenever I get tipsy, but this time it wasn't just because of the intoxication. I was deliberately smiling back at him. Not to flirt, but his smiles were actually infectious. He's no ordinary fisherman. He told me stuff about the sea, the sky and the land. I've read a lot about the stars and the moon as a childhood passion, but he told me things about the stars that I've never read before. He really knows his physics, geography and navigation... and I admit it's a turn on. Not in a sexual way, but more in a friendly way. Engaging conversation. Then one by one, our company started retiring in the tent leaving us two with the freshly opened fourth bottle of brandy. We were both excited to be the last two standing (sitting), and were both determined to finish off what's left.

Chummy, smiling... playing sands with our feet (sana nga footsie na lang kami :P)... breathing in the salty sea breeze, which at some point I was trying to get a sniff of his body scent (I really have a thing for scents,  natural body scent. and I said scent, not odor). We were sitting next to each other facing the sea, looking up to the very starry sky (truly, it was extra starry that night) every now and then. Then a burp. I let out a burp, and I quickly put a hand on my mouth. Not that it was loud, or disgusting. Unfortunately it's a mild reflux. I had too much fish for pulutan, add to that a banquet of seafoods for dinner, that it was just a matter of time that I'll feel bloated. He offered to take the last shot even though we were still half way the bottle, and cleaned up the remaining food as he let me stay put. He bid me good night as he stood up.

me: Di pa ko makakatulog agad, mayamaya pa onti ako antukin dahil sa amats ( DITO KA LANG! Huwag ka alis XD)
Mr. F: Sige lang. Magnilaynilay ka lang muna. :D
and he started walking back to his house.
sigh... gaaaad you're a cutie! Wala akong ibang pagninilayan dito kundi ikaw...ughmpf.
I crawled my way to the tent, and lied down.And with just him on my thoughts I dosed off. Probably with the widest smile I've ever had to sleep.


odin hood said...

fisherman talaga? di ba malansa? hehehe

cant wait for the next part.

Viktor Saudad said...

Odi, isda ang malalansa. ang tao lumalansa lang kapag nireregla. hehe

Wait for the 2nd part. baka makornihan ka lang. hehe

green breaker said...

haha. ang kati. next part na kahit pa sabihin mong corny.

G*Boy said...

@viktor: can't wait for the 2nd part of this story. i am following your blog, please follow mine too. thanks in advance, just in case.. he2.. ciao!

Viktor Saudad said...

@G'boy: the second part is still pending. at marami nga ring nagsabing hinihintay nila ung 2nd part.I'm still working on it. Sadly, habang tumatagal e untiunting kumukupas ung alaala. Medyo nahirapan isulat kasi ung thought that really captures those moments.

stay tuned, magulat ka na lang nakapost na ;)