19 March 2011

Pending Invite

I came across an old classmate's facebook page last weekend. We were classmate back in the 6th grade, and after I left that school of mine and transferred to different high school I never heard from him. Never had an idea what happened to him, except for that one time a saw him in a mall a few years ago.

We weren't really buddies back then, we were simply friendly. Can't say we're friends either, we didn't talk about personal stuff. All I remember about him was he was a pokemon geek,and an artistic,uptight snot. Well, he's not really a snot for he was neat, tidy. and he wasn't athletic or active.

Anyway... seeing his recent photos on FB... hmm, I must say, I wanna get my hands dirty with him.

He turned into this yummy dude, which was clearly shown in his topless self portraits. Plus he turned out to be an economista, working for PSE after graduating from a prestigious school.

He turned out to be gwapo. And I rarely use the term, gwapo. For me gwapo does not only govern the physical features, but also the aura one exudes. Looks, achievements and personality (in this case, aura) would be parameters for being gwapo.He's close to gwapo to say the least,  I can't tell from his cute photos if his personality developed together with his body. Is he still the pokemon uptight geek that I used to know, only sexier? Or did he turned out to be the ass who's self-absorbed with his own physique?

I've been thinking of reconnecting with him...mangangamusta ba ga.


Fine, I'll be straight with it...
He's cute! and I'd like to get in touch with him thru FB at least. and to see if he's actually a potential potential. I have no idea of his preference, but he looks too cute for girls. And one of his topless self-portraits is ringing a faint memory... I think I've came across that in PR.

So, there...it kind of gives me hint and a sense of hope na...Puweeedeee. *with a knowing nod*

But I haven't sent an invitation yet. I'm anxious of what would that look like, me adding him up in FB after all these years..
Should I?


BOK said...

go hit that Add as a friend option right there.

Viktor Saudad said...

@BOK: I'm just anxious how it would look like... plus, I don't really have a flattering profile photo to catch his attention.

(yes, i do have insecurities. prolly tons of it :P)