01 September 2017

Questioning Heart

I've been questioning myself, constantly,
Do I even know how to love?

With what we went through, I keep questioning myself,
Did I even love you?

Because I've been hearing from others, in failed relationships there are lessons learned...
And I keep on reflecting on ours...

I thought that I did not know how to love, but perhaps I did not make you feel loved at all.
So that question lingers.. haunts me...

Do I not love you at all?
When all I wanted was only the best for you, even knowing I'm not that one for you.

Isn't it love, when all you have in heart and mind, and even in prayers,
are the best for that one person, despite being out of their mind, out of their sight, and out of their lives?


Simon said...

:) We just have to keep moving on and leave the past :)

wanderingcommuter said...

in my age, I realize that in loving, you just love. you do not over rationalize it because in doing so it tends to complicate things.

I also think that the lessons we learned from every relationship we have been through makes as fonder about dealing the new relationship that comes on our way and not make us smarter.

just my two cents. cheers!