26 May 2017

Once Upon a Dream

I dreamed of you on a Thursday, one May dawn. I was on duty, on a graveyard shift.

It's been quite a week, physically tiring aside from the meshed work and volunteerism, add to that my gym workouts,  I couldn't help but feel exhausted even though my shift has just started.

It must have been between 2 to 4 in the morning, with my forehead resting on my forearms on my desk. No clients barging in, thank goodness. A solid nap - of full REM. Out of my deep slumber, I suddenly but slowly lifted my head up, wiped the droplet of drool on the corner of my lips.At a half-awake state, and with a squinting eyes, I stared long and hard on the door. No client walking in, just my colleague walking about the office.

"What was I doing?", partly confused, I whispered to myself.

"Oh, yeah, nap.", with that I resume my position eyes sealed.

Then a vivid image flashed in front of my shut eyes. You, smiling at me.

No. You, laughing with me.

And like a black and white film projected on a blank canvass, I watched a rerun of my dream - of you in it and how come you're laughing heartily and I'm there casually conversing, smiling with you.

"Jas...", and as if a warm blanket gently pulled over me, I fell asleep before I could even utter your name in full.

I barely dream of you when we were together, compared to how much you say you dream of me. Even after parting ways, I only had a dream about you, but you were never in it yourself. I can't write in detail what exactly transpired in that dream, but I'm writing this down to remind me the feeling it gave me. "Like a long drive along the shore, in the cold of dawn, with the sun's rays barely breaking through the sky."

I'm okay. You're okay. I hope that we shall soon be okay.


Simon said...


Victor Saudad said...

Why the long face, @Simon?

Simon said...

Wala lang this seems sad