22 April 2016


If you would just hold me
keep me in your arms,
keep my troubled heart still
shelter my lost soul
cuddle my fears
calm my worries
soothe this unhurt pain
Just, hold me, please
keep my troubled heart
in your arms
where I always find

14 April 2016

기가 막혀 ... like freshly-baked home-made cookies

"You got a new haircut eh?"

As he was opening the door, on his way out.

"I got bored.", I quipped.

"It looks nice! You look nice."

His parting words, under his smile, as the door closed after him.

12 April 2016


“for those memories are now
just like these little kittens
I hold in my hands

those can be kissed
and treasured
but not held too tightly.” 
― Sanober KhanTurquoise Silence

11 April 2016