14 April 2016

기가 막혀 ... like freshly-baked home-made cookies

"You got a new haircut eh?"

As he was opening the door, on his way out.

"I got bored.", I quipped.

"It looks nice! You look nice."

His parting words, under his smile, as the door closed after him.

And I couldn't help but giggle likeavirgin-schoolgirl-touchedfortheveryfirsttime.

Leche! Ang landi lang.

Just a few minutes ago, Mr. Korean Daddy came to my office, as part of his daily routine. We don't chat much, but for the past 3 months I've been with this company, he visits regularly every morning, a few minutes before 8 which is the start of his shift. My shift starts at 6am, and I usually have a breakfast break at 7am, so I could be back in my seat by 7:30 if ever he decides to drop by earlier.

So, he's one of my work crush. A hunky guy in his early 40's, fathering a 5 year-old daughter with his Filipina girlfriend. He swims regularly 2-3 times a week, which shows in his athletic build. He's not that muscular, tamang brusko lang, dadbod. And his deep set voice, always gets me distracted. A fine Korean Daddy indeed.

It's actually the second time he complimented me for my hair. The first was a month ago, when I was sporting a long wavy do with a neat undercut. And for today, I tried out a short pompadour, side-swept with close shave undercut (I wasn't paying much attention to how the barber called the cut), which resembled our mandatory high school 3 by 4 inches white-side wall cut.

Exaggerated nang bahagya itong lathalang ito. Simpleng crush lang si Korean Daddy, di naman yung kaliboglibog, at hindi rin yung tipong namumula ako or aligaga twing kaharap siya. Tamang kilig lang, like how freshly-baked home-made cookies makes me feel.

Right now, I'll just celebrate the ficklest of things that make me feel good. I should really stock up on those home-baked cookies to get through this.

This, and for pulling of a sleep-is-for-the-weak work week. =________________=

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