21 March 2016


Vai minha tristeza
E diz a ela
Que sem ela não pode ser
Diz-lhe numa prece
Que ela regresse
Por que eu não posso mais sofrer
Chega de saudade
A realidade
É que sem ela não há paz
Não há beleza
É só tristeza
E a melancolia
Que não sai de mim
Não sai de mim, não sai

14 March 2016


For some unthinkable reason, I miss Jjampong more than ever. But not the yearning type of missing. I just plainly miss him. Everyday for the past weeks, despite the stuff I'm dealing with, he'd slide in to thought. Even when there were days that I don't consciously remember him, there's that feeling that I have drained myself thinking of him. I did dream of him once this month but a very faint and vague one at that, the type you'd forget the moment you wake up.

Unthinkable I say, for we had no contact since...well, the break up, and it's been more than a year ago. He did reply to my birthday greeting last August, a brief "Thanks.". No word since then until someone notified me he's off to another country for a short business trip; to which I couldn't help myself but text him a farewell. I'm completely on a social media block out, as I figured since he blocked me from Facebook.  Not a single trace of him, even through common friends - I guess they're doing us a favor or some sort.

I miss him, I just do. I can't deny that. I'm simply acknowledging that.

Besides that... there's one thing that's worth to be acknowledged. Surprising as it seems, as it caught me off-guard. I blurted it out to myself, not too loud for anyone to hear...

"Given another chance, I'd fight for your love. No letting go this time...never."

04 March 2016

Nay or Yay:: Your take on cheating.

Listening to Boys' Night Out last February 17th, their topic of discussion: Cheating.

I didn't take down minutes of the discussion, but some points raised that quite hit a mark - spot on:
  1. Once a cheater, always a cheater.
  2. Either you're a cheater, or a changing man. So which are you?
  3. Lying coincides with cheating - one cannot exist without the other.
  4. Facebook, (or any social media platform) is the root of cheating.
  5. How much can one forgive a cheating partner?
  6. When a cheater realize how much he will lose, it can change him.

What's your take on any of the mentioned items?