26 January 2016

Pieces of You [Drafted on 30th December 2011]

I just found this in my drafts. It was written way back... I remember not publishing it that time since the guy being referred to had access to the blog. Now, I think it's safe to publish, since I doubt he bothers to hear from me.

Can you really blame someone for not seeing you exactly how you want them to?
I mean, come on, you decide which part of your person you share with them, the thoughts you speak, the innuendos you leave, and the answers you seek. 
You see someone wear blue shirt, blue undies and blue socks more than thrice a week, would you think they favour red? He asks for more than two servings of sugar with his tea or coffee, wouldn't you think he has a sweet tooth? (but I'd think of diabetes.) He sits when he takes a piss, now wouldn't you think he's from Taiwan?
How could one say that "it's not all about the sexual stuff", when all he ask of you on his own time is to make him hot and horny? Seriously, not all about sex, eh?
Sure, we all have more in us than dicks and mockery... but how could anybody know that without you showing it yourself? You don't really expect people to dig up your soul and find your inner gold, do you? No one would really spare some of their time to take you off the shelf and sit and take a good reading of you, would they? 
It's for you, and me, to show the world what we truly are. Spread your pages for passers-by to take interest, leave some trail of bread for the curious to feed on, hand out maps for the lost to find their way to you. You start by making people see who you really are, showing them what you've got... you'd be surprised, they'll see more of what you think you are.
It's all about the pieces you give, the pieces of yourself, that they make of what you truly are.


This unedited open letter was inspired by a boy I've known for more than a year now. Well, I can't say I've really known him, we haven't met in person. I think he's worth meeting, given "pleasant" circumstances - and by that I mean non-sexual. I've come to like him, what's not to like, he does annoy me sometimes yet he eases it at the same time.

I know you can read this... just show a little more of your "other" self, I'd appreciate that -a lot.

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